Courageous and Strong

Hello all ! I want to start off by introducing myself. I am Althea, and I am a blogger. I started my blog back in 2019 and am now revising and updating. As, A blogger I hope to continue to encourage, uplift, relate, receive feedback and give feedback all at the same time! When I first began my blog website my sole purpose was because I wanted to write about my journey of motherhood. I am still planning to write about my boys, but also share other content like topics from my books. Oh yeah, if you don’t know I am a self-published Author of 3 books, so I plan to share, along with other topics that maybe laid upon my heart and mind to share. As a mother there are many things I can share. For example, how big my boys are now. My oldest will be going to 4th grade, middle will be going to 1st this year and our Babyboy will be 3 years old in a few weeks. I re-entered into the working force after our youngest was born. I wasn’t a stay at mom for long. I am also almost done with my master’s degree. Since, my beliefs have not changed. I still truly believe that being a mother is worth the wild and being a mom while working still has it challenges. I’m looking forward to writing through experience and also sharing stories that incorporate scriptures that will help us all in our journeys as mothers or mothers to be! I also look forward to sharing my books, and biblical principal.

Cheers to revisions of my blog website:  

“Cheers to my first post about Motherhood written in 2019”

Courageous and Strong

Motherhood, what can we say? Is there one exact word to describe the experience?! To me there isn’t …. but MANY! Every day is different, from the time we conceive to the time we see our sons and daughters graduate and go to college. We each have our own unique experiences and stories, and even our very on struggles and challenges. As, I begin to enter into motherhood a third time I know there will be times I feel I’ve got it and times I feel like “what is this” but most importantly I’ll have to mustard up my strength and be strong for those faces looking to me. As a believer of Jesus Christ I know that children are a gift from God. I know that motherhood is rewarding and not everyone that desires the experience gets it. I know that there are words of wisdom given to us to help us raise, nurture and help us with our children. 

Psalms 127:3 tells us how lovely children are “Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward. 

Being a mother is rewarding , it takes so much courage and so much strength. Some of us go through the pregnancy with many struggles and wonders hoping for the best. We wonder how we will make it, or what he or she will be like, what features they will have. It takes so much courage not knowing but all along just having faith that they will be that beautiful creation that we are promised through the word of God. They are our reward and heritage. Some of us also face the reality of timing, not really being prepared or not getting that change to plan, but one thing for sure is “God’s timing” and that is everything! Even when we truly can’t understanding. Through our tiredness, our adjustments, our moments when we want to explode, our joyous moments, and every other exciting times our job is to be courageous and strong. We have to except and receive what we are given and then take care of them with the best of our abilities. One thing we all know is “Motherhood doesn’t come with a handbook.”Sometimes we don’t even know how we will do it, but we are graced to get through it. When we are brave we can conquer, and when we are strong we can endure. Most importantly with God on our sides and as our anchor we can make it! Be courageous and strong! 

Dear God, 

I pray from every mother around the world. I pray for their womb as they have conceived, and the wombs of those who have delivered. I pray for those who aren’t able to as they desire. I pray you give strength to her right we’re she lays and or stand. Father through you we can do all things. Through you we can conquer parenting and motherhood. Working and or staying at home we can make it. Father I pray for the both single and or married mothers, and I pray that all mothers will receive the help that they need. When they need breaks cause your spirit of peace to fill the room, when they feel overwhelmed cause your spirit of rest to flow through them. Father our children are our heritage and you have allowed us the time with them that you saw fit. Help us to be women that encourage, share, and uplift one another and we say thank you now In Jesus Name we pray Amen! 


Pressure as Women!

Happy belated Mother’s Day momma’s! I hope that day was filled with so much love and compassion towards you and your efforts.

Man, where do I began? I think I will began by acknowledging you as a women, acknowledging the fact that you were born into this world with such great strength and capacity. Women are amazing. We carry a host of abilities, and sometimes don’t even get to rest from it all. But, I just want to take time to tell you that you are wonderful, needed, worth it, strong, can make it, can push, and that you have purpose.

With purpose comes pressure. Not only pressure but balance to take care of it all. Pressure is a force. Pressure pushes up against and it sometimes influences us to go opposite of what we know is right. As women who know their purpose we are sometimes faced with distractions. That can be anything from feelings or things in our bodies, certain perspectives and views, feelings of inadequacy, insecurities, challenges with relationships, and the like right?, and when things happen they sometimes alter our ability to think or even work towards our purpose. But, I am here to let you know that pressure doesn’t stand against God’s presence.

We need the presence in order to effectively get to purpose. Presence unravels purpose, it pushes you to your place of purpose and it also gives you strength to balance life. Presence helps you focus.

Now, sometimes multiple things happen at once, and sometimes some are uncontrollable and when that happens it can cause you to began to feel overwhelmed. It can cause you to feel force and then causing an open door for stress, anxiety, worry, depression and oppression but listen don’t stay there, it’s ok to get back up again, it’s a must that you get back up again. There are many who need you, many who need to draw strength from you. What’s in you is needed and it’s a must that you don’t allow what you see, feel, and are buffed with to cause you detour. Talk it out if you need to and get back up again.

Transparency: It is difficult for me to express my emotions and feelings. To others that is, it has always been. I am a great listener but I cannot express very well. One reason is because I have never liked conflict, another is because I struggled with my self esteem. Growing up I always held things in and not just that I lacked trust of others. Leading into adulthood. I have always been one to try to work things out on my own. Because I am a believer and when I pray I believe, and my goal is to leave all things at the feet of the lord. Talking for me hasn’t been easy because once I pray I let it go, after I get in the presence I find peace. I’ve found talking things out to be difficult because I’ve always disliked that thought of expressing something to someone and they still hold onto it. It’s always easier for me to pray then to talk things out. But, of course that’s not always the right way to handle things especially if there is an ought. Now, in my marriage it’s different, it hasn’t always been that way but now it’s different.

Communication is a skill that requires continuous practice. For self, and with others. As a leader it’s important for me to self evaluate and to be aware of areas where I am weak. Effective communication especially dealing with conflict and speaking in front of others has always been one. But there is nothing too hard for me to overcome through the power of the Lord and Savior! Practice makes better. Power helps me overcome.

I don’t know if this is you, but what I am realizing in adulthood especially as I counsel young ones is that it’s easier to hold things in but we have to realize it’s healthier to talk things out. We have to unlearn habits because even as adults we sometimes need to vent, we need someone trusting to share personal things with. I am thankful for my husband for being an ear for me. As women though especially if you aren’t married it’s important to have good trusting people in your life. 

Pressure sometimes get real. Things get tempting and it’s important to overcome and that doesn’t necessarily mean standing alone. It’s easier to stand alone, it’s independence in doing it all alone and while independence is good it’s also good to lean into others when your mind and thoughts get heavy. It’s easier to be alone because there is less conflict, less drama, less confrontation but listen everyone needs someone and both women communities and men communities are important. If you ever need someone but feel like you don’t know who to turn to I’ll leave my contact email below just email me!

Listen you are a jewel, precious in the eyesight of the Lord. Yes, as believers we have the backing of the Lord and not only do we have backing, we have brothers and sisters who can give wise counsel. God didn’t intend for you to be weightless when he is the weight carrier. Pressure doesn’t outweigh presence. If you find yourself as a women dealing with something alone. Let’s chat!

You can reach me at: altheajones3@yahoo.com

Facebook or Instagram: Althea Jones

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WSFC “Book Exercpt “

“We must put on God’s armor so that we can live and do His great work and will, and when we do things his way, we don’t have to worry about our own ways because all those things will be added. We have to yield, surrender, lean on, and trust our Heavenly Father, who is the one true and loving King.

Remember the armour of God is our shield. His words are what we live by. His words are what aligns our lives and gives life meaning and purpose. His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Through salvation we can enter into this word. We can walk the word and become it. We have opportunity to come into the word of the Lord. When we hear and are conscious of what is being said we can come into the word of the Lord. There is a great call. God’s ways are great! Walking in his will gives you access to all that you will ever need. This life comes with fullness, not worry. Yes In life situations happen but you already know who solves.

Leaning, trusting, relying upon and surrendering will forever help us live. We have the armour. Not only that as believers we have an army. Our Lord is crowned King. He is the one, true and living!

“Armor of God”

Hello Lovelies and Gents!

Let’s talk about it. What is armour?

Well, armour is a weapon. It’s a weapon of defense. It’s an instrument of protection and it’s shield. A shield of authority. Armour is a instrument of power.

Armour protects a person from harm and or danger whether seen or unseen. We know that our Father in heaven is armour. Not only is he out armour he has given us armour (his word). It is so important for us to live and be that armour displaying to the world how powerful our Father really is. Not only that but when they see us as a display they can see the works of the Lord.

There are different types of armour , the Lord, the word, and even a buckler. We know in the Bible the word is described as being sharper then a two hedged sword, that means we have a great and powerful armour that pierce! How amazing is that. The Lord he is strong and mighty, mighty in any battle! Not to mention a buckler that is more like a sling but it doesn’t disregard it’s power. We have protection!! We are protected. We have the backing of the Lord!

The armour of God is in our hands to defend us from all things. The armour of the Lord stands alone and we can stand in it as priest. When you understand that you can STAND. You are defended not defeated. The armour of the Lord combats all war.

We have the armour from the Chief. The one who reigns King!

Do you sometimes feel pressured?

Winning Souls For Christ A Guide For Teens and Young Adults

Book Excerpt:

“Many pressures of life will cause you frustration, aggravation, anxiety, worries, and the like. These pressures will come from many different areas of life, especially when you’re trying to figure out who you are. Still, there is no pressure that you feel that God will not cover nor carry you through.”

Let’s talk about it for one second. You feel pressures, you feel frustrated, sometimes confused, a little agitated, and sometimes like God isn’t even there. Well, let me help you! Father God is there, he is available. Life often happens to help us grow and mature through experiences; life often happens to help us get closer to a real reality that our ability isn’t our own. Life also happens for adjustments, adjustments to our hope and faith which we have to learn to lean into daily. Without faith and hope we will not stand. Faith begins when you make the decision to believe. Hope begins when your faith is activated. Our Father wants us to rely upon this faith, and this faith moves us from one space in him to another, one arena or dimension in him.

Pressures are force, pressure pushes, and can be intimidating. Pressures can also come from the burdens that we carry when we are walking in our proper places, positions, functions, and callings. Pressures can come when there is an unction to pray, or when we began to carry those things that others may share with us but carry them to prayer and intercession. When I talk about the pressures of life those pressures are pressures that process us, they are pressures that should bring forth change, that should bring us closer to God himself. No pressure is greater than God’s strength, but there is pressure that pushes us forth in travailing.

Some examples of scripture about pressure are: 2 Corinthians 11:28, Psalms 55: 3, 2 Corinthians 1:8

Calling Upon the Lord in distress or pressures: Psalms 118:5, Job 15: 24

Although there are a few types of pressures that we experience, life pressures, pressures praying and crying out for others, and pressures to go forward in callings, we have to remember that the hand of God is upon us, and the Spirit of God will lead us. When we surrender our lives to the Lord then we can trust and rely upon him taking us where we need to go, we can trust that he will lead us in those pressures that we feel, we can trust that he will he is greater than all pressures no matter the length, depth, or width.

“The Capacity to live”

Happy New year Lovelies and Gents! I hope you are experiencing some of the best times of your life right now.

Let’s talk about it. What is capacity? How many of you have heard the word capacity before, but never really paid attention to it unless you were measuring something or expressing something really great or maybe somethings that weren’t so great like a mental capacity?

Well let me tell you this. We all have a capacity that we must reach and our true capacity and ability lay in the Grace of the Lord. Capacity is the ability to do. It’s the amount or measurement at which you are able to complete what you have been asked to do. It also revolves around your mental and physical well-being and understanding. Some people have a capacity to do certain task or do things that others don’t necessarily do. In the Father Capacity is tied to grace. When you are graced to do something you have the supernatural ability to do and complete what is required of you to do.

Capacity also is in the richness of the Lord. Capacity is in the weight of the presence of the Lord. Capacity is the amount at which something can be produced. Capacity is defined as :

1. The maximum amount that something can be contain.

2. Fully occupying the available area or space.

We can reach our full capacity when we frequent the presence of the Lord. We can reach our full capacities when we follow after Christ. The areas in which your capacity lies can be occupied when you are following the Lord. God will reveal what your grace is when you are before him, and doing the things he’s asked you to do. In the Lord our capabilities are beyond us, they are beyond what we image them to be. It takes strength and direction form the Lord to walk in full capacity.

We can live when we are walking in our full capacities in the Lord. We can live when we are obeying and doing what God has already given us to do.

This life we live in the Lord is about us reaching our higher callings. It’s about us walking in the truth of the Lord, walking in his strength and learning so that we may become the living testimonies. The living examples walking in the higher callings of the Lord. We can do this when we are willing, when we are focused. When we are zealous about the things of the Lord.

There is a higher calling for us to walk in the fullness of the Lord. It requires determination. It requires a willingness. A willingness to build and maintain a relationship where you are able to hear, see and walk in the will of the Lord.

Reaching your full capacity starts with believing. Believing that God has more for you. Believing that the higher calling isn’t these earthly or worldly possessions. It’s believing that God’s ways for you are far greater, far bigger, and full of the capacity that he’s pushing you forward to reach. There is more to reach in the King. There is more to experience. Take all of you before him and come see what that is. There is a higher calling.

“One Year Anniversary”

Winning Souls For Christ A Guide For Teens and Young Adults

Celebrating My Books One Year Anniversary!

WSFC first version was written and published in 2018, and then revised in 2021. I am excited to share November 11th, 2022 was the one year anniversary of WSFC (Winning Souls For Christ A Guide For Teens and Young Adults).

Winning Souls For Christ A Guide For Teens and Young Adults was written for teens and young adults but can most certainly speaks to the life and heart of adults who experienced similar in their childhoods or who can relate.

WSFC was written because God called youth to mount up on wings like eagles and to sore! God desires that youth not settle for the demands and tricks of Satan and the tactics and tricks of the world. He desires for youth to rise up into their place and callings. He has a plan to use the called and chosen and he wants them to rise in his strength and purpose.

Winning Souls For Christ was written to first bring awareness to the importance of childhood, and it expresses how we learn from those who influence us most as children. It was written to express that childhood is where the foundation of our learning and makeup begins. It was written to express and explain that some of those things we’ve learned and were taught make it difficult for us to walk and trust God as we should. It begins by causing us to see where the foundation of our makeup both conscious and subconsciously began.

With the many demands, pressures, disguise and new age practices out in the world that have come to snatch the life and purpose of life, it’s important to hear and take heed to the heart of God.

Winning Souls For Christ A Guide For Teens and Young Adults was written because the soul matters, what goes in matters, what comes out matters, and what God wants in…to take out matters. Youth can be won, and they can be apart of winning souls. Your soul can be won, and you can be apart of winning souls for Christ! We aren’t living for ourselves but there are souls of man who need the salvation of the Father, and we must be willing to lay down our own lives to be used for the purpose and will of our Father.

Enjoy this Excerpt:

Chapter 5: Satan’s Plans (page 40)

“Satan’s tactics is to use things that entice you. He uses strongholds to keep you bound, generational poverty to keep you broke, lack, slack, ignorance of the word of God, people, and so many other things. He wants you bound, chained, and unable to do anything for yourself or others. He alert knows what God is like, but he wants you unable to understand and be who God has said you are. He wants your understanding mixed with confusion. He wants you to agree with every preacher you hear and to agree with every prayer prayed over your life. He doesn’t want you to seek God for clarification or direction. His plans are to release his spirit upon your life so that you will never know that freedom in God is real and that God’s was are full of life, hope, and truth. Yes, he has the power to do these things, but his influence can never out way the power when you understand God’s power and the power that you hold. The enemy knows firsthand and will send it his angels to tempt you and keep you bound, especially when you aren’t confident about your calling in God”

Winning Souls For Christ A Guide For Teens and Young Adults can be purchased on Amazon:

Winning Souls For Christ A Guide For Teens and Young Adults https://a.co/d/0AVcS4T

To reach me:

Facebook: Althea Jones

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He came that we May Have “Life”, Life more Abundantly.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Life means: the existence of an individual human being or animal

2. In a general sense, that state of animals and plants, or of an organized being, in which its natural functions and motions are performed, or in which its organs are capable of performing their functions.

Abundant: Plentiful; in great quantity; fully sufficient; as an abundant supply.

Abundantly: Fully; amply; plentifully; in a sufficient degree.

Our Father came so that our life through him may be fulfilled. So that our life may be full of joy and peace. He came so that we may be sure. He came so that we may be healed, whole, and well. He came so that we may be able to function through his Spirit.

On the contrary Satan comes to steal. He comes to rob us of this experience, or this expression of our very existence. He comes to blind and deceive us through acceptance of false truth. He comes to rob and deceive us of accepting and becoming something we were never intended to become. He comes to confuse, cause dysfunction, cause stagnation, and ignorance. He comes that eyes will be blind, ears would stay closed, and mouths would stay shut to shame, guilt, rejection, defeat, and a false sense of being. He has come to kill, steal, and destroy.

Our Father, the King. Messiah. The great and mighty has come that we may have life and have it more abundantly. Fully, plentiful!

We have to break free, we have to break lose. We have to become who God has said that we are. We have to become one who is whole, full of the life of Christ. The one standing in his abundance of fulfillment, healing and wholeness. The one lose, renouncing and denouncing the powers of rulers and darkness. We have to be those bold and standing in the righteousness of our Father, while knowing he’s there with us. We have to come forward! Come forward into this life of abundance. Come forward into this existence of truth.

We have abundance in the King. We have plenty in the King. Come forth in this life of abundance.

I Can Because “I Am”

Hello lovelies and gents!

I have a very exciting announcement.

I have officially published my very first Children’s book I Can Because “I Am”! It was published on October 1st, 2022.

I Can Because “I Am”, is a Children’s book written inspire, encourage, affirm and teach children about being uniquely themselves. It’s written to children ages 3-6.

One question in my book that is love is Can you see that I Am?

To me this opens the minds of the readers to really thinking about the purpose and uniqueness of the child.

One saying that I love from my book is “I am wonderfully made, all of me”

I strongly believe that all children are wonderfully made, and unique in their own interests, likes, hobbies, and desires.

I really believe that my book will be one that affirms and encourages children all over. I pray that it brings joy and builds self-esteem in the hearts of young children.

I Can Because “I Am” is available on Amazon the link is here: I Can Because “I Am” https://a.co/d/dm8PY1L

Cheers to my very first Children’s book.

“Established and Stedfast”

Hello Lovelies and gents!

I hope you all are doing well. In today’s blog post I am going to be talking about what it means to be established and stedfast. I am sure you’ve heard the word stedfast before. Right?

Being steadfast is a term that’s been used a lot especially referenced to 1 Corinthians 15:58. It is a term that’s been used to describe being in the race of the Lord right?

Well, today I am going to define what it means to be steadfast and what it also means to be established. Before I do, This is what I want you to say:

“Because I have a position in the Father “I am called, I am chosen, and in him I am established and I have the power to be stedfast”

Alright, now that you have professed that, walk in it, live it, and breath it.

The establishing of the Lord comes through a constant relationship. It comes through reading, hearing, believing and understanding what you are and what you have through the Power of the Father.

The word stedfast means to be: 1. resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.

2. KJV Bible dictionary: fast fixed, firmly fixed or established

Other words to describe: loyal, dedicated, faithful, committed, reliable, true, dependable, determined, relentless, constant, unchanging, unyielding, uncompromising!

Does this sound like someone whose decided that they are all in and will not compromise? It’s sounds like someone who has decided to lay down their life to live wholeheartedly for the life of the Father. Is that you?

Have you decided that nothing else in this world would do? Nothing can compare to the love and promises of the Father. This is what he wants. He wants our Hearts, minds, ears, and eyes made up and decided that there’s nothing else. Decided that there is no better place then the presence and longing after him. He wants us stedfast, consistently coming, constantly talking to him, constantly having ears inclined to his voice. He wants us to live with a determination to follow his Spirit. To walk in obedience, and to be willing to standup and not compromise. Not compromising to the lust of our flesh or the will of our own emotions. He wants us bringing all things before him. He wants us stedfast and trusting in him. Understanding that when we are stedfast before him he will direct and establish our ways. He’ll direct us and give us the desires of his heart. He’ll establish us and allow our gifts to make room for us. He’ll cause growth where you need sprouting. We don’t have to try to do anything, because our establishing comes through obedience. It’s comes through being determined that you will do what he has said, and asked you to do without fear and or doubt.

In Matthew 7: 24-27 it’s gives a great example of being established. Of being taken care of. Of being founded. When you hear the words of the Lord, and you follow them that place makes you established. It makes you firm and when you experience, those experiences can’t even stand a chance. We have to hear the words of the Lord and live them. We have to be the example of the word here in this earth. We have to be bold, be settled, and be established.

The word establish means in the KJV Bible dictionary to;

1. To set, to fix firmly, to unalterably, to settle permanently

2. Set up (an organization, system, or set of rules) on a firm and permanent basis.

Other words to describe: set up, start, begin, put in place, create, organize, plant, build

We have a solid rock on which we stand. A solid rock that we are built on. A foundation that can never be broken, moved or destroyed. That is King Jesus, our Lord that reigns forever.

We have a position that postures us in our Father. A place of power and authority. One where demons have to bow and flee when we understand. When we make time to be in the presence of our Father we grow stronger and become firm in our place in him.

When God choose you as his own, and you were born again the covenant and agreement made was established. The word and agreement set you in place to where you can’t be taken down. We have safety and security in our Father, and in him we are settled. His word is spoken and it is settled. Amen!

Don’t Follow the World, Follow After Christ

When you look around what do you see?

I see lots of conformity. I see hearts broken. Lives in confusion. Lots of others living in a false sense of existence. In this world there are lives full of choas, lust, entice and distress. Many trying to figure it out. While they are hoping, wishing wondering how, they are missing the whole truth.

In Christ he gives life and peace.

The ways of the world seem right to them. There is persuasion, but In God his light shines brighter. There is comfort and pure joy, and not just a placement, there is fulfillment for your soul!

Follow after Christ and not the World. Come and follow him. Come eat of this bread. Come so that you may be filled. So that you may be fulfilled. The ways of the world bring destruction, the ways of Christ builds you! The ways of Christ gives you new life, a renewing.

Don’t follow the world, Follow Christ.

The is a better way, a better way, a better way. A way that is straight and narrow. A way that doesn’t led you to bloody pits. This way leads to pure joy, pure sovereignty!

Come follow after Christ and be made whole. Where you true existence is. Come follow after Christ. Come be made whole, where you will never thirst again.