Courageous and Strong

Hello all ! I want to start off by introducing myself. I am Althea, and I am a first time blogger. As A blogger I hope to encourage, uplift, relate, receive feedback and give feedback all at the same time ! My purpose for blogging is because I am a mother of 2 little guys, soon to be 3 who I love and adore. I am also transitioning into being a stay at home mom whose working on her Masters degree. One thing I truly believe is that being a mother is worth the wild but also challenging and surprising. My goal is to connect with other moms through my writing. I’m looking forward to writing through experience and also sharing stories that incorporate scriptures that will help us all in our journeys as mothers or mothers to be! I look forward to sharing my experience as well as hearing about yours! 

Cheers to my first post:  

Courageous and Strong

Motherhood, what can we say ? Is there one exact word to describe the experience?! To me there isn’t …. but MANY! Every day is different, from the time we conceive to the time we see our sons and daughters graduate and go to college. We each have our own unique experiences and stories, and even our very on struggles and challenges. As, I begin to enter into motherhood a third time I know there will be times I feel I’ve got it and times I feel like “what is this” but most importantly I’ll have to mustard up my strength and be strong for those faces looking to me. As a believer of Jesus Christ I know that children are a gift from God. I know that motherhood is rewarding and not everyone that desires the experience gets it. I know that there are words of wisdom given to us to help us raise, nurture and help us with our children. 

Psalms 127:3 tells us how lovely children are “Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward. 

Being a mother is rewarding , it takes so much courage and so much strength. Some of us go through the pregnancy with many struggles and wonders hoping for the best. We wonder how we will make it, or what he or she will be like, what features they will have. It takes so much courage not knowing but all along just having faith that they will be that beautiful creation that we are promised through the word of God. They are our reward and heritage. Some of us also face the reality of timing, not really being prepared or not getting that change to plan, but one thing for sure is “God’s timing” and that is everything! Even when we truly can’t understanding. Through our tiredness, our adjustments, our moments when we want to explode, our joyous moments, and every other exciting times our job is to be courageous and strong. We have to except and receive what we are given and then take care of them with the best of our abilities. One thing we all know is “Motherhood doesn’t come with a handbook.”Sometimes we don’t even know how we will do it, but we are graced to get through it. When we are brave we can conquer, and when we are strong we can endure. Most importantly with God on our sides and as our anchor we can make it! Be courageous and strong! 

Dear God, 

I pray from every mother around the world. I pray for their womb as they have conceived, and the wombs of those who have delivered. I pray for those who aren’t able to as they desire. I pray you give strength to her right we’re she lays and or stand. Father through you we can do all things. Through you we can conquer parenting and motherhood. Working and or staying at home we can make it. Father I pray for the both single and or married mothers, and I pray that all mothers will receive the help that they need. When they need breaks cause your spirit of peace to fill the room, when they feel overwhelmed cause your spirit of rest to flow through them. Father our children are our heritage and you have allowed us the time with them that you saw fit. Help us to be women that encourage, share, and uplift one another and we say thank you now In Jesus Name we pray Amen! 

“Keep Trying”

Hello lovelies and gents!

Recently I heard the words “keep trying” while listening to a Live on Facebook. While listening to it I heard several great nuggets and points and even some that I was able to digest into my own life. This particular one was specifically about marriage and relationships but from what I heard those two words stuck with me the most. After hearing those words it seems like they have resinated a little differently with a lot more meaning then ever before. When I think of these two words together I get the umph and unction to really “keep trying”. For me this means in every area of my life, at work, in school, home, with my children, personal relationship, marriage and one of the most important areas my spiritual life!

As I begin to straighten up my kitchen I begin to think on these words again. I begin to just think about when we keep trying how we allow our faith to drive us, and allow God to led. I begin to think about how there is a purpose in some situations for us to keep trying, how there is a reason we have some opportunities come to us though somethings may try to pull us to the left or pull us to the right, and I realize that when you keep trying you do something over and over again in hopes that it will eventually be as it should or as you hope and prayed for. How many of you know when you keep trying God is right there with you. When you have an established relationship with God he see’s your efforts even when those that you hope just don’t as yet. He sees where it will take you, and he knows the outcome of it all. There are some situations that we feel have brought us to our last straw but with God over again is gracefully given. He gives us chances to get things right, he’s gracious and patient with us because by no means are we perfect individuals and we have to be the same way and reciprocate that same grace and that is in relationships, with our friendships, on ourselves, in our marriages and with each process that we transition in. When God is with us there is no giving up, there is victory! There is no situation that God himself can’t restore and heal, there is none God can’t guide you through, there is none that the Father hasn’t graced you to handle so just keep trying.

When you feel like you are at your last straw “keep trying” that next time maybe it, it maybe that breakthrough that you were hoping for. When you keep trying you aren’t given up, but you are allowing your faith to drive you. Keep trying in every area and the one that seems the hardest just know that our Father in Heaven can and will guide you to victory.

Dear Father,

I come to you boldly at your feet to pray for your people those hurting, those who have lost hope, those who are feeling numb and like there is no life left, those all around that world who feel like they are at their last straw. I pray God for your mighty hand to go where they are and to guide them to your grace, touch them where they are, heal them where they are, comfort them where they are, and cause your grace to abound in their lives. Father I pray for your healing to touch their lives, I pray where there needs to be restoration. Father that you do just that, I pray where there needs to be a miracles that you do just that, I pray lord where your mighty hand needs to go to stop separations that you do just that, where you need to go to stop those who are ready to give up, and where you need to go to stop those who have no more feelings left with in them that you will do just that, and I pray for these vessels that they will begin to feel you near and that you will totally have your way. I pray for families, individuals, homes, children and marriages that you will keep, help, guide and lead and I pray that your people will be people who keep trying. God you are mighty and strong and can do anything where you are needed send those who are ready and willing to help change and transform lives I say thank you now In Jesus name I pray Amen!

“God will help you”

Hello Lovelies and what a Happy New year it is! I hope that you all are doing well. It’s been awhile but I wanted to come to you this year with new content. New words of wisdom, and new life, because I know that God will help you.

What does it mean to you when you hear the words broken before God?

To me, it means being unease with who and what you are in a current state, being hurt or disappointed, giving everything you have, and all of who you are, being able to be truthful before him, yielding all that you feel that you have, leaning towards the Father, and being vulnerable.

Kjv Bible dictionary defines it as: “A state of being broken; uneven

Do you ever fine yourself in that place especially now in the midst of these uncertain times? What do you do when you feel that way? Do you yield? Do you go before him in his presence broken?

Just the other day while driving around taking my children out for the day I was in a place of unevenness, a moment of feeling unsure and there were several reasons why like parenting, I found myself in this place feeling these ways and not being able to even pray, the only words that came to me in the moment was “God all I can say is thank you”, in the moment I was uneven in my emotions, uneven in my feelings and my thoughts, and uneven with just how life felt to me. As I continued driving I tried to gather myself but couldn’t until at a later moment. We got to the play ground where the children played for a good 20 mins even there I was frustrated because of how things were going. As I gathered the children getting ready to leave I begin to try to figure out how the rest of my day would be, and what we would do once we got back home. So I began to go into even deeper thoughts about life, and what was on my heart, and what I was just feeling in that moment. In all my thinking, feelings, and being frustrated I never canceled out the Father, I included him, I included him by letting him know that I couldn’t without him, that what I was feeling was only feelings that he could regulate to help realign me for my day, and because of it God helped me right where I was. He helped realigned me to who I am in him, and into what I needed to do to find my joy that is unspeakable in him. He began to speak to me and remind me of a conversation that I had one early morning with him. That conversation included me asking God a question about tears during worship, and if they even represent being broken before him? I wanted to know.

I remembered soon after in my prayer time how I spoke to God and confessed to him that I don’t have much to give but me, I remembered that same conversation with God and telling him how I don’t have hurt to give him, how I don’t have much pain to give him, and he begin to reveal to me that my very thoughts and feelings are exactly the thing that I have to give him because it’s one of my biggest challenges that I often time face and feel, one that I feel is more then me, one that I can’t often understand the why to when I never asked for none of it at all. As he revealed himself to me, I begin to regain who I am in him, my joy begin to come back, I begin to feel strengthened, I was able to give him the brokenness that I was feeling that only he can regulate, I begin to give him my whole heart and he was able to cause me to see it clearly, see life for what it is and for who I am in him! God came and helped me.

God will help you too, and sometimes there are moments where you might feel the same, you may feel uneven, unregulated, or unsettled, but when God the Father is with you he’ll help you be all that he has called you to be, when you Yield to who he is, yield to his authority, and you are willing to see Him for who he is he’ll help you. He’ll help you right where you are, he’ll give you answers to questions you have, he’ll reveal himself through dreams, he’ll regulate your mind to where it needs to be, he’ll cause you to regain consciousness of who he is as king, regain superiority, and regain who you are as his son who he’ll never leave. God will help you, and give you proper understanding, and strength when you need it most. God will help you!

Dear Father,

I pray for the one reading this, the one who takes a glance, the one who opens it even just a little. I pray that your stretched out hand will go where they are and touch their very being, I pray that your peace will surpass them, and that your spirit will fill them with all the understanding they need. I pray for every mind, heart, body, and soul to be anchored in the mighty one that you are, and I pray for those who don’t know much about you that there is someone who is willing to be that light, strength and one you can trust to go their way. Father, I just take out the time to thank you for you being king over my life, and for never lettering me or your people down. Lord you are mighty, strong, powerful, and you are Father God. Lord I pray for your perfect will to be done in this world and in this land, when we need you most blow on us, when we feel like we don’t need you at all show us who you are, father I pray that your alignment will continue to adjust us for where we are going, and I pray that you have full and free course over our lives, I tell you Thank you now In Jesus Name Amen!

“You are A Boss” You Win!

Hello ALL Happy July!

It’s been a little while since you’ve seen me. How’s it been?! How’s it going? Since the last time, I’ve started a business, finished my fourth semester of grad school, been doing my mommy stuff, and so much more! Oh me oh my!!!!!!!! I wanted to stop in just to tell you, something because I thought about you, and I wanted to speak to you so here it is: KEEP up the AWESOME work and effort that you are putting in. You are a Boss, you are strong! You are mighty! I do have a question for you?

Have you had a chance to regroup? I’ve had a moment just this weekend, I released, and did some retail therapy with my good friend! After doing so much, and having to be strong daily I NEEDED IT. It was an opportunity that I don’t get too often, and I loved it, it felt GREAT, and I don’t apologize for any of it. We all know this time hasn’t been easy. We all know it’s so much craziness going on everyday, and with a refresher it’s so good to regain. What are some ways you have regrouped? Recharged? Regained?

Is important to make sure you take a moment for yourself, and if possible by yourself! It is totally OK! Regrouping helps you regain focus, regain strength, and regain that push to keep going forward. Momma’s You Are A Boss! You Win! Don’t forget to think about you! Don’t forget to pay attention to your feelings, Don’t forget that it’s ok to walk away and come back because You Matter too.

All that you are doing, every effort you are putting forth they are all worth it! Hold your head up fix your crown, wear it well! You are a Boss, You Win!

Dear God,

I come to you on behalf of all my sisters. I pray that you will touch them, I pray that you will give them courage and strength right where they are. Father you are the meat she needs daily, you are her portion, and Father you are that source and vine for her to prosper daily. You are her strength, director, advocate, and friend. Father I pray that you will help her to be strong, I ask that you continue to grace her with power and might each day. Remind her often that she is a golden vessel, and Lord, I pray that she will never give up. Father I thank you for all of my sisters, and I pray that when they feel weak that you will help them feel ok with regrouping and regaining I say thank you now in Jesus Name Amen!

“Getting back in the Race “

Hello ladies and gents! Happy Thursday !

I have one question for you, have you ever felt off course or had something happen unexpected like getting sick out of the blue, or just life unexpected?

This happened to me just a few weeks ago. I was fine, and then “BAM” I woke up one morning and my whole body was aching, I had chills, a fever and I just wanted to lay in bed. Thankfully, I didn’t have Coronavirus. “ Wait” How about on the other end of the spectrum. A lot of different things for all of us is happening now. Many different changes have taken place. Coronavirus has thrown everything they we have ever known, done, or put together out of wack with the way we usually maneuver and operate. Good thing is things maybe out of wack, and maybe overwhelming or stressful but we are all blessed in one way or the other. I do stop to think about the fact that there are many families losing loved ones and that fact that it will be a memory for them that they will forever remember.

According to God’s word this race is not given to the swift or strong but those who endure to the end. Are we enduring despite of? Even with the uncertainties many of us are fed, many of us are able to build financially, many are able to give God praise and tell him thank you. Though many are not.

This time has taking a lot of people out of the race of hope, and put some in, it’s knocked some people by surprise while others already expected it and no matter what your process was or is I want to encourage you to get back in the race. We serve a mighty God who isn’t going to allow anything to happen until he has finished the work. There is work in us, and there is work in the world. During this chance we have opportunities to spend more time with our children, to spend more time in the presence of our home (something some of us wished for when we had to get up everyday to go to work), we are able to cook home cooked meals, and eat along side family members that we didn’t have much time for in the beginning. Now, is the time for us to stand , it’s time for us to show that joy is unspeakable, and that God is mighty , and that his word is just what he said it is true, honest, right for us. Even through these uncertainties get back in the race. Run with great faith knowing that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us enough to bring us to it and take us through it.

Dear God,

I come to you on behalf of everyone during this time. I pray for those whose Faith has withered even just a tad bit. Father I pray for the heart of the grieving, I pray that you carry them through. I pray for those who haven’t lost a thing that they will bless you daily. I pray for the elderly who have to be isolated, that you will help their minds and guide their thoughts. I pray for those who aren’t as fortunate that away is made for them daily to be connected to resources for their needs and that they will have away to get there. God I just bless you and praise you for this race. When we don’t feel so great cause us to remain, when we are tired of having to be content at this time send us empowerment and strength to endure. Lord , I tell you thank you now In a Jesus Name Amen!

“A Greater plan”

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you” (Our Fathers Word) Jeremiah 29:11

Hello lovelies and Gents! It’s been awhile! HAPPY QuaranTINE!

God is so awesome and amazing, and his plans are just towards us. They fit what we can’t see, and they fit what we can’t even imagine. It’s a time right now in the world. It’s a time where we can see positivity and negativity. A time where encouragement and God’s word is needed. It’s a time when adjustments are being made. This world has been positioned and shifted into what is unfamiliar to many, to what’s uncomfortable to most, and to the uncertain happening everyday, but I’ve heard this saying “It’s about Relationship”.

A relationship with God means intimacy Inside the walls of the church and intimacy outside of the church. It means allowing God access to your heart and mind inside and outside of the church. That intimate relationship then carries and comforts you when you aren’t in your place of comfort (At the church). A relationship in God sets you up for so much greatness, higher heights and deeper depths. We have an opportunity now to be as intimate with God as much as possible because we have time. We have time to get into his presence, we have time to pray with and for our brother and sister, we have time to check up on those people who we haven’t spoken to in weeks or years. God has a greater plan. During this time I’ve had opportunity to reflect upon Gods greatness in my life. I’ve had time to be a bit more grateful, and to also show God who he is in my life.

During this time we don’t know what the end will be because each and everyday the numbers are increasing, deaths are increasing. Just like Gods plan each and everyday his plan is increasing! He’s being glorified like he should be. God is great and greatly to be praised and he’s an amazing father with an amazing plan.

Take some time and reflect. Reflect on what’s happening, reflect on Gods goodness, and Reflect on how far God has brought you, and remember he isn’t through because his word will not return to him void, neither his Greater Plan!

Dear Father God,

Thank you for your Greater plan. Thank you for your purpose. Thank your for the opportunity to reflect upon you, and to say thank you more. Thank you for the opportunity to get into your presence and get closer to you. Father as we take the time to draw nigh we ask that you will draw nigh unto us. In this time we need you to be the vision guider. The sight giver, and the one who is in control. Father you have always been and will forever be. We pray for those who don’t have a clear view of this opportunity because they may not know you, or haven’t decided to build a relationship. Because of that we pray that they will get a chance to be introduce. Father we pray for your plan to manifest in us and in this world. Father we know, trust, and believe your word because it will not return to you void. We say thank you now for performing a Good work until the end in Jesus Name Amen.

“God imparts Vision”

Hello lovelies and gents!!

You are so amazing and awesomely wonderful, and our Father in Heaven loves you so much!

Did you know God loves you so much that he will give you ideas?! He’ll allow things to be imparted, downloaded, and placed in your spirit. He’s so wonderful, and we don’t have to try to do anything on our own because he has an appointed timing for everything. Yes!!, there are times you will have to sacrifice your time. You want always know the timing that it will take place and it can be when you least expect it like the middle of the night lol but when he does it he gives you opportunity to listen to what he’s saying, and with that opportunity he gives you time to write it down. Sometimes it happens when it’s still and quite!

(Google found photo)

Writing it down means that it’s for a purpose and an appointed time. Whenever God gives me Vision to do something, I don’t always get started right away, but I do always water it in prayer. I water it in prayer because I know it’s for a reason, and it’s God who will give me grace to get each thing done as he desires.

For our families, God will give us vision if we desire. He’ll give us creative ideas to teach our children. He’ll give us opportunity to make things fun, and teachable. When you have true relationship with God, you want always understand everything or every way that things happen but God has away for everything to take place as he purposed and desired.

You are wonderful, and you have purpose, God imparts and he gives ideas. There is an appointed time for every desire, there is a need for everything God visions you to do. Our father in Heaven has the best in mind for us, when we are given the idea he has the appointed time. When he gives it to you dont worry, but pray until it takes place, your waiting want he in vain.

Dear Havenly father,

We come to you right now just to say thank you, to tell you that you are wonderful and amazing. We come to give you Glory as the highest King in our lives. We say thank you now for who you are and for the many opportunities that you gives us. Father God we thank you for your appointed timing. We thank you for affirming, for making, and for taking your time just to make us proposed. Father God as you impart and give us vision I pray that we will be willing to hear what you have to say, and I pray that we will take out time to write it down. I pray that we will make it plan by writing it in our hearts, plainly on paper, and stamping it in our mind and watering it in prayer. God your love is so great. I pray for everyone being used by you. I pray that it takes place in it’s appointed timing and that it will be done as you see fit, Father we give you glory right now In Jesus Name Thank you Amen.

“Dividing your time”

Quoted from Kevin Weilberg (found on google)

It seems that way right…..”I know for me sometimes my thoughts go a little something like this “l have to do this, I have to do that, “oh” my I forgot this!” Being one person with many thoughts and feeling while having to divide them all is challenging and overwhelming.

When I experience those moments I like to try to find a moment to reflect on what the word says. One scripture that I love is about Martha and Mary.

Mary sat Jesus feet.. (a place that’s so sweet) while yet Martha who opened her home was tending to all the things that had to be done. (Luke 10:38-42). I love this story!. I often times think about this story when I’m dividing my time making sure everything is done.When I think about how my time in God’s presence, and my time with reading my word or just doing anything for God isn’t always where I want it to be I think about this story. I even think about how so much has been put on women, and how they have to divide their time and self, and the most important thing that gives them strength day to day goes lacking….and then I think about this story.

I think about how important Gods presence is, and how it makes such an impact and difference with the way we operate and think on a day to day basis, and I think about if those other things should really matter while we have a God who wants to talk to us. We have a God would abides in us as we abide in him, and he wants us laying everything at his feet. I think about how everything we will ever need is right there where he is. But yet, we divide our time and the things of God go lacking. I think about how most women have to divide themselves and handle many things, and most of it comes from demands that have been placed on them. I think about how those demand classifies them as a good women or bad. While all of these factors are so we have a God who cares about our relationship more then all those other things but we divide our time and attention to those demands and deadlines.

When it’s all said and done we do have to be aware, and we do have to take care of things but we also have to take care of what’s important and what will help keep us sane. Mary was at the good place, Martha was working and needed help with the work load, and that’s how it is as women we have loads , we have things that we have to take care of, and if we aren’t aware we will miss out on the good place because we are more concern about finishing while all along God wants us at his feet.

God loves us so much that he gives us chances, chances to choice what’s important in the moment whether it be in that good place at his feet or tending to the other things. When dividing our time we have to balance it all out, we also have to learn to say it’s ok, and no when necessary. There could be something waiting for us, it could be what we really need, our help, and our strength right at God’s feet. We have to make those times of dividing count by making the most important priorities!

Dear Father,

I pray for my brother and or sister reading this right now. I pray right now for them as they are winding down for the day completing those last minute task for the day. Father, I pray that you would touch them and cause them to take a moment to breath, cause them to take a moment and get in your presence. Father in you we have strength, in you we can make it, and in you there is direction for what’s most important and what’s not. Father I pray for moms, I pray for women those that carry loads, those who are on a road to succeed, and those who have to divide themselves. Father, I ask that you will give them direction, orchestrate their walk, and father cause all of this to be done with you as the head , with you being the one that they go to, with them being able to be in your presence. Dividing self is hard, it’s tough but Father in you all things are possible. Give direction where it is needed, and cause every women young and old to succeed through your grace I say thank you now In Jesus Name Amen.

“Laughter of the child”

“Happy New Year lovelies and gents”

I hope you all had an amazing holiday season, and an amazing new year, we are in year 2020!!

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post but I’m back at it, it’s so amazing when I look at my children, and I am able to see smiles on their faces, and even able to put a smile on their face. One night right after Christmas I was getting my boys dressed after baths, and I begin to just lightly poke my four year olds belly , he laughed and laughed and I could imagine that it was one of the most joyous moments to him based on how he laughed, I then begin to ask bigger brother did he want me to poke his belly and he joined in along with us.

Laughter of children is so amazing. Last night I was able to watch and witness another moment as we prepared for baths. To me it was one of the most cutest moments with all of my boys. My oldest was using his arms shaking them up and down, and just being silly. His purpose was to get baby to smile. While he was doing that Elijah was trying to grab babies attention also. Emmanuel was entertained by how Donnelle was shaking his arms, and he laughed as hard as he could. After awhile I noticed as he watched his brother flap his arms he begin to try to move his arms just as he saw. The laughter of my children bright me so much joy, and it gave me a chance to take a moment step back and just watch them laugh and interact with one another. I was also able to witness my four month old try to do what he saw his older brother do. It amazed me, and I was able to see that he learns very quickly.

The laughter of our children is so beautiful, it’s a chance for them to learn to enjoy each other, and enjoy life with one another. It’s beautiful. What I’ve learned is that it’s ok to allow children to play, it’s ok to allow them to laugh, and it’s even better when they get the chance to laugh because mommy or daddy took the time to play with them. I love it, I love to see them play, laugh, and grow together. Children are phenomenal and the moments of laughter with them is so great!

”Support Systems”

Picture from Instagram

“Wow” Happy Thursday everyone … it’s almost Christmas!!! Are you excited?!

When I saw this picture guys I immediately came up with a topic to write about this week. This area of topic is a slightly sensitive one in my life because goosh.. I don’t have a really big support system .. isn’t that something.

Well, it is to me and, I have mixed emotions about it. I have heard this statement many times before, “it takes a village to raise a child” I can truthfully say I totally agree now. When I first heard the statement I didn’t quit believe it as much because “I was like nope not mine, I’m going to do it”, and boy do I see a difference now.. I was that way, I didn’t feel that it should take a whole lot of people to raise children. I was also used to independence. My mom raised my brother and I by herself and she did it.

What I know, see, and understand now is that support is needed. Do I feel grandma, grandpa, aunty, and or uncle should have the children all of the time nope, because I do believe that our children as moms and dads are our primary responsibilities. What I do believe is that support is needed in important times. Important times can include special programs at school, or an available uncle or cousin being able to help teach basketball, or how to cut grass.

There are pros and cons to children going to different family members houses because all households are different and when children are taught one way at home and then they go to someone else’s home things can begin to become conflicting. It’s important for us to be careful with who we allow in our children’s lives.

Support systems are needed for different areas. It’s needed as a mom. It’s needed because we as moms can’t do everything by ourselves. We shouldn’t need to and we should want or have to. It’s so encouraging to me when I see other moms express their parenthood, where they stand, and what they are learning. Support systems can be family members, and or through community connections and networking.

Being able to read or hear about another mom and the things she experience is so helpful to me. It lets me know I’m not the only one who has children that maybe doing things that I teach them not to do, for example with boys … I here a lot of stories that boys don’t listen as much as girls or that boys move a bit slower when it’s time to get ready in the morning times, and when I hear these stories they make me laugh because I myself experience similar cases.

My husband and I have one really great supporter who is always willing to help us with our children, and my children love it. Support systems also great when helping to build our children, children become familiar with who’s there, and they know when there is someone who isn’t. Children love time and attention, and they love those that give them the time and attention that they deserve. Those who hear them and see them, those who time take to speak and teach them things, and those who take the time to explain things(the why’s and why nots).

I heard this sermon this year (2019) on Father’s Day. It explained how important it is for parents to pay attention to their children when they invite us into their worlds, for example when they have those moments when they want to show us something they think is just so flat out cool .. yeah those moments .. my oldest he’s often times like mom look, or he’ll just start to talk about something he’s seen on power rangers. Those are the times that we are helping them build communication and relationship skills that they will need as they grow older it’s what will help shape them and mold them. It’s also a form of support to them.

Support systems are needed for both children and parents, and with young adult parents learning and growing we still have questions as times .. I know I sure do. Well feel free to add, comment, or even suggest other ways that your have support and who are your most supportive support systems. I look forward to hearing from you!!

“Every woman has her story”

I recently wrote about how we are all different (don’t forget to catch it if you haven’t), and in that blog I briefly explained how we can be a benefit to one another with those particular differences. It is true! What we have in common is womanhood, we have our identities, out like minds, and even the fact that we are moms. With that alone we help shape and make the world go around.

There are both similarities and differences in motherhood. We have our feelings when wanting children. We as women think about our children in ways that no one would think of them. We think about best interest, we think about long term goals for them. When we are away from them we think about rushing to get back to them because we just feel that they are safest with us. We go through having hard times departing even when we really need a moment. We all have our own stories.

Your story starts with you. It starts with your mindset, and your heart. We’ve all been raised differently. We all raise our children differently and, we all have feelings that are different and some that are the same. Our story includes what we experience through pregnancy and through labor. When we deliver our children, and the amount of tome after six to eight weeks that we are feeling our best selfs again. Our stories include us being strong mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Our story also includes how we process motherhood. The moments when we are overwhelmed, the moments our children want our attention, the way we process life, and what we feel about motherhood. Our day to day actions, how we treat our children, and even how we make them feel. Our stories include ourselves and others.

Our stories are comical, humorous, they involve tears of happiness and tears of joy, tears of sadness and tears of disappointments, they involve us carrying our children within for a certain amount of time, our stories include some pain, disappointments, frustrations, laughs, a lot of learning, and a lot of digesting. Our stories help tell time, the good times and bad, they build memories that will last generation to generation. We each have our own stories. Our stories include shaping the mind, and shaping the heart. Each of our stories are powerful.

When I began to write this blog I thought about the title because I was processing the way that I love my children, and the ways in which I take care of them. My children have helped shaped me and mold my behaviors. They have taught , me more about my limitations and boundaries they have taught me how and when to say “NO”, they have taught me what’s necessary and what’s not. They’ve taught me to be ok with laughing and take time to enjoy the moment. My children help shape and direct my story. They are awesome and they are mine. They are my reasons for wanting better, they taught me selfless acts of love, they are examples of unconditional love, and I am so grateful for them being included in my story of motherhood. It’s honorable and it takes the strength of god alone but it’s so worth it.

Every women has her story, and just like her story she has her dreams. We are allowed such great task for reasons we can’t imagine. With every story there is the author, the narrator, the visionary, and you are in the process of making your personal own story come true. YOU WIN!

Dear God,

We come to you humbly as we know how, heart, mind, body, and soul to your throne of grace. Father I ask that you protect those reading this, and I want to thank you for being such a great father and gift. without you we are nothing. In you we are everything and we have access to all that we need. Father cover moms all over and as she is shaping her own individual story of motherhood you be with her l. I ask that you be here. Guider and director: I ask that you cause her to see herself on a different light while being a mother let her become strong whenever she is feeling weak. I say thank you now In Jesus Name Amen!

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