“We are all different”

Good morning lovelies and gents.. ! You are awesome just by being you!

We are all different I could state millions of ways to that , the ways we dress, raise our children and families, mindsets, and personalities. In all reality many of us have been shaped and molded from our upbringings.. What makes us indifferent is our roles as parents and caregivers, but we are different by our styles of parenting!

Being different is a great thing, we can actually learn many things from one another. We can learn tips and tricks, what works and what doesn’t, and we can learn to improve or disapprove our own actions. It’s good to be different.

Though we are all made different, we can relate to one another. I was once in a place that I didn’t express mothering as much as I do now. Now, that I have that opportunity I am so grateful to know I’m not alone, that there are others in this world who get it , and that we are all different, relatable, and we can all learn from each other’s pros and cons. It’s amazing!

I just love how parenting runs the same courses, and some of our children have the very same actions and reactions, I just love how we handle those moments with how we know and what we know with a mindset of being aware of what works and what doesn’t… I just love that You are amazing being you, you aren’t alone being you, and it’s good to be the Different You that You Are!

PS. You are wonderful!

“Making Tough Decisions“

”That Sounds about right”

Don’t you just strongly dislike that feeling you get when you have to make tough decisions?! I do! It involves wanting to make sure I’m making the right choice, at the right times, for the right reasons and at the right places!

It’s tough… My little guy is now 2 months as of Monday, and guesss what I have officially returned to work, starting out blogging I stated that I was going to be a stay at home mom but NOPE it didn’t quite work out as planned that’s just like life we hope that everything goes accordingly each and everyday but nope we have odds and evens… for me going back to work isn’t the hard part … what’s tough is putting my two month old in daycare… YIKES!… I’ve never had to…not even with my other two this is a first for me , but it’s been tough thinking about the first day, if he will be ok without me, if he will cry a lot, and many other thoughts that have crossed my mind … as you also know I am in Grad school, there was one night this week that was just all around trying-some so trying-some…. I was tired from a long first day, coming him tackling things, recieved an email about some assignments that were graded from prior weeks (the grades weren’t bad) but my grade in the class is a 91, and then I ended up having a crying newborn for about one hour before bed… it resulted in me wanting to make even more tough decisions like QUITTING ALL TOGETHER… and wondering if I was really making the right choices in this present moment in my life.

What I really realized in that moment though was how I have the power and choice to either quit or pick up the courage to keep walking and being the best that I am meant to be! I want give up but I will continue to keep striving through my tiredness and late night early mornings because “I am MORE than a “CONQUER”, I’m victorious , and I can do all things as My Father in heaven has given me strength todo. I tell you I haven’t felt like I’ve had much of that but my strength comes from above. That very moment of realizing I have the power and choice gave me empowerment, and umph! It gave me the PUSH I have really been longing for when I needed it most.

These past three days have been great with daycare and it makes me happy, I didn’t know how it would be for him as a two month old but with prayers everything is WELL, I’m just glad God is on my side. He has a really great teacher who holds him, and spoil him.

It’s tough sometimes to make decisions that our hearts may not really want to but with the reality of life we have to at times. Tough decisions come in many different shapes, sizes, categories, and we never really truly know the outcome of anything but we do have our hope that makes us Keep courage and Faith that everything will be alright!

Listen Mom, you are wonderful, your job(mom) isn’t easy, neither is the life you live everyday, but one of The greatest things you can ever do is take every moment one second at a time, Everything will be alright!

”Strengths and Weaknesses”

Good early morning lovelies! You are so wonderful and amazing, and I pray that it’s been proven throughout your week!

I was listening to this webinar on last night pertaining to Moms, the main point of the webinar was to talk to moms about how they can juggle being successful while still being a mom and carrying on many other duties… it was a very great webinar and I’m following the Mom on Social Media who actually did the webinar , I would add nothing nor take anything away from it …. the young mom currently has 7 children and she’s still working on succeeding in all different areas of her life (mom, wife, mentor, business) , she gave us pointers and she told us how important it is to Have a calendar but not just a calendar where we jot down everything that we agree YES to doing, she was explaining basically that the calendar is for truly prioritizing and setting goals to follow one day at a time!

For me, it is all about actually creating your schedule. I believe an intentional schedule, with appointments that capture and protect your unique priorities is the way a mom can go from simply surviving, to thriving. – Lisa Canning

What I took away from the webinar is that so much is possible with a great mindset, a great want to, and a “bad enough I want this”, haha .. but truthfully, with busy schedules and being exhausted or tired by the time you get in bed at night it seems as if there isn’t enough time to do anything that you really hope and desire to do, (exercising, date night, working on a book, reading, working on school work)!

What’s important in this case is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. What I have learned to do is self evaluate, I’m always working to improve when things don’t go planned, I always see what didn’t work and think of another way to change it and do it… I’m quick to learn from my mistakes. It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses because they can either help you grow or hinder you from excelling. One strength of mine that I really like to expound upon is “Structure and Discipline” over the course of the years raising a family I have realized I have to have structure and discipline in my life because it helps order and align everything I am doing, even those things that I would put on my calendar… structure and discipline also drives me and motivates me to keep pushing even if I don’t have a side line rooting for me! Structure and discipline to me helps place that authority in my life when setting goals and obtaining them. One weakness for me would be not knowing how to spend time whining down when I do have free time or everything is done earlier on a week night … it’s a juggle between should I do some more hard( as in physical) work like folding clothes, washing dishes, cleaning my room, or do I relax and indulge in some tv episodes…. the mom who did the webinar talked about that moment too. When you know your strengths and weaknesses you can conquer those moments where truths need to be addressed, you can also properly address when to say no and when to say yes, and you will be able to have a set calendar that will be well organized!

When you want time to do those activities that you so desire to do, you have to make time. You have to also know and believe that It is also truly ok for you to have that time because you are well deserving of it! 2019 is quickly ending and 2020 is vastly approaching, you can be that successful women that you desire to be! The next chance you get take time to just breath and reflect on self… reflect on the things that matter most to you, and the things you desire to do… I’ve already told you in previous blog post that You Can Do All things, and YOU CAN BE Successful with self reflection (being aware of strengths and weaknesses), PRAYER, and a well organized calendar! You are MORE THAN A COUNQUER!!

Dear father,

I come to you humbly as I know how with my heart, mind, body, and soul. I come to you praying for everyone who reads this, everyone who has desires to go forth but feel as if they don’t have time. Father moms have many duties and responsibilities, they have to put on strength even when they don’t have much physically, they have to find time for you when they feel as if they don’t have any, they have to be motivated even when they feel they aren’t, but father in you there is help and direction. There is discipline, structure, consistency, and ways can be made beyond our understanding. I pray as the year is ending that she will take time to self reflect realizing all of her strengths and all of her weaknesses, and I pray that she will set some goals, get her a calendar and write down her day to day desires. Father give my sister hope now, cause her to be lifted up knowing she can, because you give every opportunity. There is amazement in what you can do and what we can do through you so I pray now for newness of ideas, and I pray now that goals will be set, and lastly I pray that they will be obtained right now Lord and I say thank you In advance for my sister being successful in Jesus Name Amen!

Don’t Give Up Now

Hello lovely momma’s ! You are beautiful and I hope you are having an amazing week!

I just wanted to tell you that ‘You Can Do it’! When I write I like to ask questions sometimes because I believe it challenges and it causes a person to become aware of their true self if they really think about what is being asked. So my question to you is Do you have a desire, goal, dream, plan, business that you have always wanted to pursue after?! If your answer is Yes, I want to tell you it’s not too late. You still have time to start and you still have time to finish while you are here living on this earth.

When our father God made and created us he breathed purpose, talents, abilities, desires and demands. He took his time to make and create us, and he knew exactly who and what we were created to be. Jeremiah 1:5 talks about it as well as Psalms 139:14. He also knew we would some day be women who would have families and give birth to children. He knew we would have husbands, and he knew we would need support and help to do all that we do on a daily basis. Even though he knew what we would experience and what it would take he didn’t want us to live just to live he wanted us to conquer and accomplish what we are meant to in this life we live in.

When I was growing up I remember hearing many women talk about how they had to give up their dreams to raise families. I don’t know exactly how that feels but I do know it takes lots of sacrifices to get to places that are meant for you. What I also believe is that in and through God you don’t have to give up anything unnecessary to live out the purpose and plan that is for you. Do we have to experience things (yes), it helps build us, it teaches us, and it’s also for the enlightenment and encouragement of another. We aren’t here just for us.

What I also understood is that many women just gave up on what they once desired and hoped for because of circumstances and situations and If that’s you I want you to know you don’t have to Give up but Keep Going! You are a conqueror, a victor, you are strong, and no matter how long it takes God gives the wisdom and he will order your steps to get it done, he also sets the appointed time for your arrival!

If you haven’t in a long time take a minute to write down the vision and make it plain!

Here are a few tips I want to leave with you:

1. Pray about your ideas, desires, and goals everyday. 2. Make a list of those things you once desired to do 3. Make a list of things you desire to do now. 4. Get started, Get Started, Get Started !!!!!!! 5. Don’t stop working, even if you feel you have come to a silent road block because of everyday life. 6. Always remind yourself things don’t happen overnight 7. Always remember if you don’t have a team of runners right behind you still run your best race!

Lastly, “You Can Do All Things”

Dear God,

I come to you humbly right now just to tell you thank you. Thank you for the mother’s, aunts, families and friends reading this post, thank you for it encouraging and uplifting them to higher ground. Father some once had desires, goals, dreams, and ambitions but they never got the opportunity to pursue I pray that you will cause the urge and unction to rekindle deep within, and I pray after you do so that they will take out time to write their visions and make them plain, after they have done that I pray God that they will get started and never stop until it’s complete because we know in you that you said many things may start small but we shouldn’t despise those small beginnings. I pray father that you will give guidance, wisdoms, discrestion, and encouragement on those days when they feel that the work isn’t worth it. I also pray when they look around and see they don’t have many team players that they are reminded it’s all for your glory, and that it will be what you have called it to be, I pray that they will be given great opportunity to be in places where they will have great mentors, motivators and leaders who will help guide them I say thank you now, and father I’m praying for women all over to be all that you have called them to be, I pray that they will walk tall, and be the mighty women you have called them to be In Jesus Name I pray Amen!

When God is in it … “IT Works”

When God is in it … “IT Works”

That’s such a true statement, my family and I are a Christian family, we believe solely in God, in his word, and in how it can prosper in our lives on a daily basis. We live by it, we take it in, and we eat of it.

So, recently I was experiencing some difficulties with my son in school, Kindergarten was a really rough year for him, so when we moved we hope it would get better. It started off pretty ok, then I begin to get reports from school that he would have several rough days … when I received the reports they were things that he did when he was in Kindergarten, so I begin to pray and I figured something has to be done here. The idea came to me to start reading the scripture to him and his brother nightly then have discussions about what they learned. Sooo! We started our bible studies on a week night basis. Our first reading was Philippians 4:13” I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” once I finished reading the scripture I then began to explained what it meant and I told them they can do “anything”! We talked a little about basketball because he loves basketball and I began to explain to him that he can even do that and be great In God.

We read the next night about Obedience, then throughout the rest of the week about telling lies, love, and how they are beautifully and wonderfully made. The goal I had in mind was to read on the things that I noticed he was having difficulties with and I can HONESTLY say ….. Praise REPORT…. Since I have began these bible studies and my children have been attending Sunday School his behaviors have truly changed. When God is in it… “IT Works”.

His teacher started a Star Rewards chart for him in class he even gets all five of his stars most days. Just today I received a message about how he did great in his Art class these are times that I can witness and say “ When God is in it… “IT Works”! It’s just so amazing to me how things have began to shift, it’s gone from difficulties to impressive, and I know because of prayer, and listening to God’s guidance in how to resolve the issue that he is directing my path.

As moms we need God as the full mediator in our lives. We sometimes come to those road blocks with our children and think the stage is more difficult then we can handle, but God is bigger then anything, problem, or circumstance that we face. When we pray he will also direct our paths, he knows what we are concerned about the most, and he also knows what will turn that very thing that causes us worry, and causes us pain. I’ve been told many times that the teenage years are the worst, but what I experienced seem the worst to me, it was my child doing things teenagers would do, and acting out in ways I couldn’t understand why? But here we are resolving the issues with God’s love and his word , restoring hope when it felt like there wasn’t any. When God is in it.. “IT Works”.

Every area of life requires Gods approval and prayers, it requires us to include him because he knows what’s best. While raising our children, it requires Gods direction. When trying to make the best decisions for them it requires Gods direction, when trying to get through those tough times it all requires the hand of God and his direction, and there is no hand greater then the one that sits high and looks Low….every solution can be found through the Word of God.

Dear God,

I come to your throne boldly , asking first for your forgiveness of anything I’ve said or done wrong. Father, I come to you also to pray for my brothers and sisters who are experiencing difficulties with their children. Father God children rebell, children disobey, children have moments when they tell lies, talk back, and do things that we as parent don’t want them to do because we know the consequences. We know father what the result would be, while we know these things, and they are being done we also know that there is a solution. We know that you know what’s best and you know how we should handle every cause and case. In you there is a solution for everything, it’s also our jobs to talk, show and, correct them in love, Father help us as the parents to be full examples, help us to know when love is needed the most for them, and when there is just that time that correction is needed. Father help us when we experience difficulties with them that cause what we are teaching them to be questioned. Father God guide our footsteps through our parenting journeys, and through every stage that they go through. We say thank you now In Jesus Name Amen!

”Mom of 3 Kings”

Good day all !

What do you think about when you think of the word king?!

For me I think of men with crowns walking in authority with God on their sides….The definition of king is as stated: “the male ruler of an independent state especially one who inherits the position by right of birth”

I’m raising true kings! It is with great honor that I have named my blog mom of three Kings because that’s what I truly believe for my crew! I believe that they are first gifts from God, they are each uniquely made in God’s imagine, and they each have their own unique gifts, talents , and abilities and it’s my job not alone but as mom to make sure they are taught and instilled so that they can live a great life of kingship when they get older and of age, but of course it’s all going to be through God! When I look at my sons I see value, I see great opportunities, I see abilities that are possible, I see advantage, Grace , favor, mercy, and LEGACY!

In building that legacy there is teaching and wisdom that has to be done!

In the word we are called God’s royal priesthood 1:Peter 2:9 “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people, that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into the marvelous light: …. In this scripture I see who and what we are specifically, just like all the specifics that I see when I see my boys being raised to be Kings…..they have already been birth into something great!

As children of God we are heirs , what God has we have access to, we also have access to live in what we believe for our very own lives! I believe in miracles, and greatness! I believe In great futures, and I see three strong minded individuals who will be taught God .. who he is , what he desires of us , how he loves us and who he says and sees us as! We serve a mighty king!

I am a mom of three Kings!

I would love for you to leave comments about what you think of when you think about Kings, if you have sons what that means to you , and if you have daughters what princess/Queen means to you for them …Let’s chat!

“Mama Meyah”

She nailed it!

Good afternoon ! She nailed it!

I was reading this blog recently that was so profound and almost like a miracle, it was entitled “The Primary Parent”! Can you imagine what that was about? I’m getting ready to briefly tell you very soon.

Yesterday was a teacher work day for the school district I live in, and “boy” did we have some good moments and some not so good moments. My boys woke up way before me and went downstairs where they were looking at YouTube until about ten when I went down. That wasn’t so bad despite the fact they were down by themselves… I’m not a bad parent I tell you! I was just tired.. Is that ok?! I think so! When I went down I gave them something to eat, feed the baby and ate something myself. I let them watch a few more videos then of course they had to get off. We then transitioned into me looking up some activities on the computer for us to do. I choose some “FALL” coloring pages and mazes. It took me probably 30 minutes because the printer wasn’t hooked up to the computer and I had to search and look to found out how to fix that problem. We went from coloring , to playing , having to run to the bank, to many other encounters in that one day. We attended football practice, more feedings and changing diapers, to the store for dinner, to baths and bed around nine o clock, I did most of this by myself within this one day and you talk about Primary Parent!

Overwhelming and exhausting but lovely!

I truly believe that God is gracing me each and every day to endure the kinks of life, and parenting. This blog post I read explained it in plain of how it is as a primary parent, not meaning that the father is absent but just expressing the role of the one who does , remembers, and who plays the role of making sure everything’s together! That’s just like me. My Husband helps especially when I ask him but me as mom I drop off to school , pick up, cook dinner, do homework, clean the dishes, wash, make sure notes are signed, and make sure everyone has had baths and the right pajamas and underwear on at night, that explained the definition in the story of the primary parent, and it explains my definition as well. When I read this blog it made me soo happy, I felt as if someone else on earth gets it, they get the load , they get the idea, and they know what it feels like. In the article she explained her husbands roles and how he helps but he also leaves earlier and does other things which causes her to be the primary parent. She didn’t bash him at all she understood because she has to do it due to him being unable because of his schedule. That in itself enlightened!

As the primary parent it takes so much courage, consistency, and determination to do what it takes for everything to be in place and in order. Of course no one wants to tackle everything by themselves but in the case that it’s necessary, it’s truly necessary. To me it’s great because it keeps me busy, keeps me living, and I feel great that I have the ability to be able to care for my children In ways that another outside individual probably wouldn’t. Being the primary parent is overwhelming for sure but it’s so worth it. It calls for lots of late night moments of playing candy crush to just take a moment to breath but at the end of each day just knowing the things that are necessary are done is what makes it worth it for me. In my household It brings me great delight when my husband joins in, it also lightens the load very much. I also realize the importance of the responsibilities when he’s off to work at 5am and I’m still asleep until 7:30am. Being the primary parent is wonderful, challenging, hard work, consistency and determination but to me it’s well worth it!

Signed A Primary Parent!

Dear Father,

I come to you humbly. I come to you as a primary parent of my household, I come to you not only for myself but for other mothers and or fathers who have to take on primary responsibilities. Father I do know and realize a successful family takes great effort and team work, and I also understand that at times due to work schedules and other things that responsibilities fall on one person. Father because of this cause I pray for that primary parent, I pray you give them grace and peace to take care of what’s necessary when help isn’t there. I pray when help is there that each responsibility will be done equally and together causing great teamwork and effort. I pray when there are times that there is a need to speak up and communicate that it’s done. I also pray for the challenges that come with remembering everything and choosing what to complete and what not to complete each day , I pray that primary parents will have balance in their lives and that you cause them to make time even for you even if it’s just taking a moment to slow down. Father all our gifts are from above, and I pray that you will bless us and grace us to have peace through being the primary parent right now In Jesus Name Amen!

The Experience Part Two: Continued

The process wasn’t long with getting into the room, changing into my gown, being hooked up to the monitors, being asked questions, and then being seen by the doctor. When I arrived and got settled onto the bed, the nurse and I began talking about my experience at the doctor, what was done and what was said. I began to explain to her that I was monitored there and then sent over, and I also told her that it was discussed about being induced.

At my doctors visit my midwife and I briefly talked about if I wanted to be induced or just allow the pregnancy to have it’s course. Of course I said induced. With all of my pregnancies I was induced, my first one was because I was a few days over my due date, and my second one was because of hypertension. So I told her that we talked about being induced. She was also telling me that baby looked good on the monitor. She came in and out of the room at various times and then she came with the ultrasound machine. She began to look and she started to measure the water around the baby. The doctor came in and we started to discuss the appointment, my due date, and induction. During the conversation he started to look and measure baby. I remember him saying there wasn’t a lot of water around him. My blood pressure was starting to get high. A few moments later he asked how many weeks … I told him 39.

My set due date was September 9th that upcoming Monday. I was not expecting to have him that day. I was hoping the 11 pattern would continue, Donnelle and Elijah were both born on the 11th in two different months. He began to say that it would be good to go ahead and have me induced that day because of my blood pressure and the fluid around baby. This all took me by surprise. I was also happy at the same time. I called Dontrelle and told him everything. The nurse said she would see what room they wanted to put me in, that didn’t take too long either. We were Elijah and I escorted to the room and got settled in there, and here is were the real process began.

This process involved patience, being calm, frequent bathroom use, redirecting my child while unable to move because of machines, and watching the nurse try her best to be as patient with my child as she could. It also involved me a waiting two hours or more for my husband to arrive because he had to pick up our oldest and gather things for after delivery. While the induction was being prepared they were still monitoring the baby. They were monitoring his heart rate and movements. They were also monitoring the mild contractions that I was having. I had a really great team of doctors and nurses working with me. They came in and out moved the belly monitor different places and i was even asked to re-position myself. They told me what would take place for the induction to happen and how it would start with a bulb insertion and my water being broken. They were planning to start the process once someone got there to get Elijah. For a little while the doctor was seeing how baby would have a hard time with recovering after each contraction so it turned into a concern and they started to debate if the induction would be the best idea. After awhile they began to see his recovery for oxygen more often so the doctor began to explain if I went through the induction and my contractions got stronger that it could lead to other problems like him not making it (which is what I comprehended as a mom in this state). She explained if we went through with the induction it could lead to an emergency c section with anesthesia. She said it would be better if it was done as an emergency c section with a calm atmosphere and no anesthesia. This was explained several times but the first time was when I was positioned on the bed on my elbows and knees so they could continue to monitor his heart rate. After the process was explained I really didn’t know how to feel, I had never had any type of surgery before, and by this time Dontrelle had arrived and the children were gone. Monitoring continued.

Before making a decision we had at least 30 minutes to one hour. We prayed, and Dontrelle left the decision up to me. After things were explained to him I already knew what I was going to do especially since babies life could’ve been in jeopardy. I went with C-SECTION. Once I told them my decision, they made sure it was the one I was most comfortable with, and then they saw the last leap in his heart rate so they quickly went forth with it. This prepartion and the process took no more then 20-40 minutes. I was cleaned off , we left the room, Dontrelle went into another room where he had to put on different attire, and I went back into the surgery area.

While entering one of the transporters helping push the bed asked if I had ever had a c section I told her no she said it’s fast and it just a lot of pulling and tugging that I would feel. Once we got inside totally, they gave me a hair net , got me onto the operation table, explained what would happen with the needle, and then it all begin. There were a few operators behind me , one on the side, and one women in front of me who held my shoulders down in a slouching position. They gave me a small drink. She told me it would be best that my posture wasn’t good, she also made other conversation with me about life and my other children. As we were talking I felt the doctor touching my back and he touched my middle really hard which made me jump a little, then he rubbed something that felt like a wet wipe , inserted the needle for numbing, I felt this weird feeling on my right side he asked which side I felt it on most I nodded to the right. The numbing kicked in instantly. While all of this was going on my Faith kicked in at its most. I began to think on and speak to God through thoughts , I let me go of me, and allowed my faith to arise in a moment that I was so unfamiliar with, and that could’ve had other precautions. I began to think … and my thoughts were something like this “God I can’t do anything but trust you in this process, I’ve never had surgery but I trust that you will get me through this safely”. After that I laid back with help, they put the cover up , touched to see if I felt the sharpe tool and the surgery began. By the time Dontrelle entered the room our son was entered into the room and now He’s HERE!

He weighed 6lbs 6oz, and he’s such a joy. My journey and experience was one, one I never imagined going through but in and through it all God has and still is keeping me! My incision was done really well from what I’ve been told I have yet to see it, and I still have days when I ache. But, none the less, I’m grateful because I get to share it with you and others, and we have a healthy baby boy who is now 7lbs at just 3 weeks old. When we don’t understand God knows all about it! This is my experience and my testimony of my third birth story.

”The experience” Part One

Hello all, I told you I would be writing about my labor and delivery.. this is it! I’ll actually be writing about my pregnancy and labor and delivery!

“What” a journey, but a great testimony!

January 2019 we found out I was pregnant 5 weeks to be exact! Everything was going well life was still fine and then things turned around suddenly. I remember going into prayer one night, and afterward deciding I would do a 7 day fast. I wasn’t planning on the fast being all day.. only just for a few hours each day. It wasn’t going to be anything new because I fasted often with my first two pregnancies. So, I began the fast and just a few days into this fast I begin to find myself becoming sick which then turned into severe dehydration. I do want to make it clear that I am not saying because I anticipated on fasting that it caused me to be dehydrated. What I am saying though … is in the ongoing process I began to experience the dehydration. This pregnancy caused me to experience three full months of morning sickness. I had never in my life experienced a feeling like it before.

While going through being sick I began to go through isolation. I started to shut down. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t want to be around anyone, and I surely didn’t want anyone to know that I was pregnant. The main person that I spoke to was my mom, and barely my husband. (Months before it had been spoken to me that it was seen in a dream that family was at my home but I was in my bathroom at my former home and I had my hands over my face and didn’t want to talk to anyone). When it was spoken to me, I didn’t know any of it would take place in this way but it did, and I couldn’t understand all that was happening and was trying to grasp life at this point. Going through all of the morning sickness caused me to feel as if I was going to die, I was even dealing with the pregnancy smell (if you know what that is), going to the hospital for dehydration about four times just to be sent back home, I couldn’t eat much, and all types of smells made me vomit. I lost over 26 pounds. This pregnancy was by far the most “EXPERIENCED”.

I missed several days of work, was at least 45 minutes late every day, and I had many days I didn’t feel like doing much at all. When it came to house work I would wash a few loads of clothes then leave some in the washer over night. The experience was so long! After three months things began to get better, I still had days that I felt nauseated and sick. My husband was doing what he could with our first two sons, and he would cook dinner and give baths every night. I would occasionally give my children their baths, read to them , and put them in bed but I barely had much strength. Gatorade, and water were my friends. After the third month things began to get better “Slowly but surely”.

During these months I had several different ultrasounds. I was also told by many different family and friends that I would probably have a “girl”. We were hoping for one! The day came that our gender ultrasound came, and I was by myself because my husband had to work. The sonographer began to do the ultrasound, and as she was looking around and she saw what we were having she just said “well we know it’s a boy because he’s showing”. I didn’t know how to feel, she asked if I was excited… all I could say was “I guess”. This pregnancy took me awhile to adjust to , I mean a really long time. Every pregnancy was shown to me in dreams many months in advance, and of course I would share them with my husband but never really grasp the …. (not many days) part in our case (months to a year later). I believe this really took a mental toil because I had just finished a training called Guardian Ad Litem, where I would get the opportunity to advocate for children, just enrolled in graduate school that January (which was a process), and I was really trying to keep myself motivated period. It was also very unexpected but none the less I’m grateful. Even though I was experiencing life and pregnancy I never ceased to keep prayer out of my circumstance.

In the midst of finding out we were also transitioning in a lot of ways. Changing churches, moving to a new city and packing for that, dealing with our Kindergarten acting up in school, and I was just getting to a point where I was beginning to tell people that I was pregnant.

It took us awhile to figure out a set name but our thanks goes to one of our dear sisters in Christ. Through several doctors appointment they would monitor his heart rates and movements.. O speaking of that, that’s one concern I had during the experience he wasn’t as active, he had periods where he moved a lot and periods when he barely moved at all, so that’s where the monitoring came in. I had a lot of concerns this time and it was like I never experienced being pregnant before. At each doctors appointment baby was monitored, and my very last appointment September 4th, 2019 monitoring took a little longer, my midwife would come in every few minutes to check the chart, and then she suggested I drink a little water to see if his movement would change, she asked if I had eaten, and she said after a few more times it would probably be best if I went to the hospital for further monitoring. Before the final decision was made she went to talk to the doctor over her. Then she came back in the room told me to go get some lunch and then head straight over to the hospital. After I left I called my husband told him what was going on and then had to do a few more things before I actually got to the hospital.

When we got there Elijah and I, we parked and then had trouble finding the entrance. I had to ask about two people. We got inside, got my name tag, set in the lobby for a few minutes then was escorted to the room where I was going to be monitored. I changed into the gown was hooked up the the monitors, was asked several questions, got an ultrasound by the midwife there and then the doctor came in…..


There Are No Limits : “I can do ALL things”

Philippians 4:11-13

“11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. 12 I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

It’s for you to! You can do all things through God given strength, and there are no limits in that! As mother’s you need daily strength from the time you wake up til the time you lay your head down at night. Through the good days and through the bad you need strength! Our children are one of our most important priorities along with the other task and jobs we have to tackle each and everyday.

Just the other day as I was walking up the steps getting ready to get my children ready for baths I began to speak out loud after thinking about a few things that I desire to accomplish … like school for instance, and as I was walking and thinking I began to speak this “I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me” then I finish that sentence with there is no limits! When I spoke it , I believed!

I mean this is not the first time that I’ve been given the task and opportunity to complete something. I also believe and know if God opens the door to walk through he’ll give the strength to walk all the way through. I’ve heard many times “It’s not how you start but how you finish”. I did finish my first semester of grad school with an “A” by the way! YAYY! NOT JUST THAT , getting used to a new baby, being a mom for my other two, and the many other tasks that I have. I know that with God on my side that I can do all things. Sometimes when things are going on all at one time life becomes overwhelming in the moment but even through that I can, you can, we can do all things. I just love how that registers!

We are fearfully and wonderfully made! We are fierce beyond what we know and feel, and with much support, encouragement, motivation, and help we can master the plan. Whatever your “IT” is don’t give up on it, keep working towards it, when you don’t feel as motivated push yourself beyond what it is that you feel, and keep reaching forward to the finish line. It takes hard work and perseverance, and in Christ all things are possible IF YOU BELIEVE!