Courageous and Strong

Hello all ! I want to start off by introducing myself. I am Althea, and I am a first time blogger. As A blogger I hope to encourage, uplift, relate, receive feedback and give feedback all at the same time ! My purpose for blogging is because I am a mother of 2 little guys, soon to be 3 who I love and adore. I am also transitioning into being a stay at home mom whose working on her Masters degree. One thing I truly believe is that being a mother is worth the wild but also challenging and surprising. My goal is to connect with other moms through my writing. I’m looking forward to writing through experience and also sharing stories that incorporate scriptures that will help us all in our journeys as mothers or mothers to be! I look forward to sharing my experience as well as hearing about yours! 

Cheers to my first post:  

Courageous and Strong

Motherhood, what can we say ? Is there one exact word to describe the experience?! To me there isn’t …. but MANY! Every day is different, from the time we conceive to the time we see our sons and daughters graduate and go to college. We each have our own unique experiences and stories, and even our very on struggles and challenges. As, I begin to enter into motherhood a third time I know there will be times I feel I’ve got it and times I feel like “what is this” but most importantly I’ll have to mustard up my strength and be strong for those faces looking to me. As a believer of Jesus Christ I know that children are a gift from God. I know that motherhood is rewarding and not everyone that desires the experience gets it. I know that there are words of wisdom given to us to help us raise, nurture and help us with our children. 

Psalms 127:3 tells us how lovely children are “Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward. 

Being a mother is rewarding , it takes so much courage and so much strength. Some of us go through the pregnancy with many struggles and wonders hoping for the best. We wonder how we will make it, or what he or she will be like, what features they will have. It takes so much courage not knowing but all along just having faith that they will be that beautiful creation that we are promised through the word of God. They are our reward and heritage. Some of us also face the reality of timing, not really being prepared or not getting that change to plan, but one thing for sure is “God’s timing” and that is everything! Even when we truly can’t understanding. Through our tiredness, our adjustments, our moments when we want to explode, our joyous moments, and every other exciting times our job is to be courageous and strong. We have to except and receive what we are given and then take care of them with the best of our abilities. One thing we all know is “Motherhood doesn’t come with a handbook.”Sometimes we don’t even know how we will do it, but we are graced to get through it. When we are brave we can conquer, and when we are strong we can endure. Most importantly with God on our sides and as our anchor we can make it! Be courageous and strong! 

Dear God, 

I pray from every mother around the world. I pray for their womb as they have conceived, and the wombs of those who have delivered. I pray for those who aren’t able to as they desire. I pray you give strength to her right we’re she lays and or stand. Father through you we can do all things. Through you we can conquer parenting and motherhood. Working and or staying at home we can make it. Father I pray for the both single and or married mothers, and I pray that all mothers will receive the help that they need. When they need breaks cause your spirit of peace to fill the room, when they feel overwhelmed cause your spirit of rest to flow through them. Father our children are our heritage and you have allowed us the time with them that you saw fit. Help us to be women that encourage, share, and uplift one another and we say thank you now In Jesus Name we pray Amen! 

5 thoughts on “Courageous and Strong

  1. Althea, I felt your heart when you prayed that prayer. May your blog be a blessing to moms, new moms, moms that will conceive and moms who have a desire but never will conceive. Your encouragement and inspiration will be a light to them and to us all! 💜

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