“Dividing your time”

It seems that way right…..”I know for me sometimes my thoughts go a little something like this “l have to do this, I have to do that, “oh” my I forgot this!” Being one person with many thoughts and feeling while having to divide them all is challenging and overwhelming. When I experience those momentsContinue reading ““Dividing your time””

”Support Systems”

“Wow” Happy Thursday everyone … it’s almost Christmas!!! Are you excited?! When I saw this picture guys I immediately came up with a topic to write about this week. This area of topic is a slightly sensitive one in my life because goosh.. I don’t have a really big support system .. isn’t that something.Continue reading “”Support Systems””

“Every woman has her story”

I recently wrote about how we are all different (don’t forget to catch it if you haven’t), and in that blog I briefly explained how we can be a benefit to one another with those particular differences. It is true! What we have in common is womanhood, we have our identities, out like minds, andContinue reading ““Every woman has her story””

”One Month VS Three Months” The Reality of it all!

“Cheers to ONE Month” (This post was started and finished three months later, laugh with me) From the time we came home up until this day, it’s been delightful! Lots of kisses, hugs, late night wake up moments, lots of feeds, running errands to doctors appointments, drop offs to school, store runs and many moreContinue reading “”One Month VS Three Months” The Reality of it all!”

“Who knew winding down could seem so chaotic”

Happy Friday! It’s the weekend. Who knew weekday winding down could be so chaotic at times?! How is it for you?! We typically get our evening rolling starting after 5:30, we start with a snack depending on the timing we get to our home, then we go into homework, dinner, baths, stories, prayer and bed.Continue reading ““Who knew winding down could seem so chaotic””

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