“Closing One Door to Walk into Another”

This past Friday I offically walked out of one door and will be walking into a brand-new door starting on Monday. It will be like a dream come true as I begin to embark on this new career path. Have you ever been there? For me, I am very excited, but yet also nervous becauseContinue reading ““Closing One Door to Walk into Another””

“Changing Your Perspective”

Hello and Happy Resurrection Sunday, our Father is risen and he has finished the work just for us! We are so loved! I wanted to take out this time because I have recently been thinking, and I recently realized something so important that I never really did before. What I realized is that it’s importantContinue reading ““Changing Your Perspective””

“You are A Boss” You Win!

Hello ALL Happy July! It’s been a little while since you’ve seen me. How’s it been?! How’s it going? Since the last time, I’ve started a business, finished my fourth semester of grad school, been doing my mommy stuff, and so much more! Oh me oh my!!!!!!!! I wanted to stop in just to tellContinue reading ““You are A Boss” You Win!”