“Book Launch”

“Cheers to my books launching in 2021” Oh what a great blessing!

I received picture mail “TODAY”, and it reminded me so much of how amazing God is. It also reminded me of how God chose me to “produce” something so great for others to be blessed by. When I recieved this picture I was in awe about the fact that all my books were aligned side by side together. All, I could do was thank God. I also begin to think about all of the amazing people in my world who have been rooting for me and supporting me so much with these. Then, I begin to think about when I first started writing because I was a teenager in Middle School. I remember always writing poems, writing really long notes to friends, taking really long notes in church, and writing really long papers.

In middle school when we wrote notes to each other I would always respond with long notes, and then friends would question me about the length of them. Those friends would say they could never write as much, but for me writing was a joy, it did hurt my hand (laughing hard), but it was enjoyable.

Still, writing for me is like a therapy, it is expressing, and it also helps me get my thoughts out, those that I probably would never express without Christ’s boldness. In middle school, there was this era when a group of us would read these particular books and from reading those books I thought that I could create books using the style that these authors used. I imagined being able to express myself like they did in their writing not even knowing that there was a style and type of writing for me in its proper timing. When I got older in High school, I actually tried to write just like them because I remembered reading those, and I remember how good they were. After going through a really bad break up it happened, I took all that I learned from this relationship, and wanted to share and give it to someone else. I went through and produced a book about this whole process. I started writing about this relationship in hopes that it would be a lesson for other girls who probably went through something similar. Later, after getting really involved in church I begin to write with a different approach to my writing.

This is where I first started to write and produce “Winning Souls for Christ A Guide for Teens and Young Adults” which is geared towards teens and young adults and expresses the importance of living for Christ, being Saved, and the truth that it isn’t boring but a life that is worth living, and I also express some do’s and don’ts (pictured below)!

Very First Book

A year after this was published and produced, we transitioned to a new city, had a new baby, and was at a new ministry! Since, I have grown, and I have learned in so many ways which has expanded my knowledge of God’s purposes and truth not only for my life but for others. I never stopped writing, and had a desire to revise my first book, which I began to take in prayer, God spoke to me that it was going to happen before the end of 2021, I started working on this project in September 2021, finished all revisions 3 weeks later, and had it was published on November 21, 2021, I did it by following God’s obedience.

My revision has a new cover, and I wrote it to explain what our soul is, and to express to youth the truth about What God is truly saying about them, and how their soul and life matters to God. I kept somethings from the very first copy but defined and added more explanation and meaning to express the importance of the life of our youth. I wrote this book also because I was one of the youth in the world at one point but God called me, purposed me and saved me before I could even understand his full truth for me! I was also living a life beneath God’s rising for me, and I was living life understanding from a perspective that wasn’t God’s truth and perspective for me. This version also expresses about the things we learn and how many things derive from us as children. I expressed how we learn from our parents, guardians, and those most important to us as children. God has a place and a plan for youth, and they need us those that are called to them to be the called and chosen so they can have an example. God wants his men and women, young and old won through the Power of the Holy Ghost. I am a witness that God’s transformation is one that is so undeniable, it is one that is forever changing. One time in God’s courts is like no place we could ever visit or go. I wrote this book with the intent to empower, inspire, draw, and win souls both young and old.

Revision 2021

It didn’t stop there for me I already had my journal format written out with the hopes to get it published by Christmas 2021. I appreciate all the amazing people who helped me from beginning to the end. I emailed my editor that helped me with my first book and asked her if we could do it, she emailed me back a few days later with a yes. I did have one vision in mind, but a better vision came out of this process, and I couldn’t be more grateful! I sent her my manuscript and this project was produced before Christmas despite running into a few problems with it going “live” on my publishing website.

I wrote this book to focus on self-reflection, I wanted to incorporate God’s words, his truth about us, a prayer, and wanted to provide a space to reflect by answering questions. I really love “my journal”, I really love that it provides people with a space to think, a space to read scripture, repeat the prayers provided, and write notes and their personal own prayers. I also love that there is a focus each month and that it is a year journal that can be used any year.

I am super excited to say “My Books are launched”, and this is only the beginning. I am super grateful and thankful at all my progress this far, without God none would be possible!

They are available for purchase “NOW” on Amazon the links are here: https://www.amazon.com/Winning-Souls-Christ-Guide-Adults/dp/B09LGQRG3Q/ref=sr_1_1?crid=13VVNGCABS5JV&keywords=Althea+Jones&qid=1643246968&sprefix=althea+jones%2Caps%2C146&sr=8-1

Copies can also be purchased and personally signed by me. Contact me @altheajones3@yahoo.com, or you can find me on social media: Facebook & Instagram Althea Jones

3 thoughts on ““Book Launch”

  1. This is really great and empowers me to step out in faith to write ✍🏽 more. I’ve always had a passion for writing poems and God geared me towards Journalism to sharpen my skills. This helped me gain knowledge through Him in how to express what the Holy Spirit reveals to me. I’ve had so many ideas and needed to get them out of my head and into my hands lol! Im really excited about your accomplishments and pray you productive more and more in 2022 & beyond!


    1. This is so awesome to hear, wow Praise God!!

      I’m so glad that you were able to be empowered by this. That’s inspiring to hear… go forth in your writing and don’t be afraid God will give you/plus use you with what he has already given you to produce! Go forth!

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