“Closing One Door to Walk into Another”

This past Friday I offically walked out of one door and will be walking into a brand-new door starting on Monday. It will be like a dream come true as I begin to embark on this new career path. Have you ever been there? For me, I am very excited, but yet also nervous because I know there is a lot ahead of me to learn and grow into. That part in itself makes me nervous. I do believe that everything will be great, and that’s exactly what I pray and hope for. I also, don’t know about you but when walking away from one thing to something totally bigger and unfamiliar “oh it’s scary”! I do know, and I do believe as God’s child that he has already gone before me and has made everything out the way that it should be. That is specifically stated in Deuteronomy 31:8, and I am truly grateful for that. As we grow as mothers, wives, individuals, men, boys, girls, whatever our state is we will continuously walk into doors and walk out of doors. Some doors will be those to celebrate, and some doors will be ones that we can rejoice over because of Gods covering, and his sufficiency. It is totally amazing to have a father who has a plan so perfect. One that we would never have imagined without his saving grace. It’s just wonderful to be able to have a father that sees your path and one whose plan is far greater than we would have ever imagined.

Normally when a person states, “When one door closes another will open” they are specifically talking about a situation when they received a “No” or when they took a loss, and they are believing that a better door is opening…, In this case for me it’s a greater transition, it’s me walking into what is a part of my purpose, it is completing a task that I started 2 years ago. As I continue to prepare myself, I look forward to learning, growing, being taught a lot of great things, and I look forward to walking into this new opportunity with grace and humility!

Cheers to this new transition!!!

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