“You are A Boss” You Win!

Hello ALL Happy July!

It’s been a little while since you’ve seen me. How’s it been?! How’s it going? Since the last time, I’ve started a business, finished my fourth semester of grad school, been doing my mommy stuff, and so much more! Oh me oh my!!!!!!!! I wanted to stop in just to tell you, something because I thought about you, and I wanted to speak to you so here it is: KEEP up the AWESOME work and effort that you are putting in. You are a Boss, you are strong! You are mighty! I do have a question for you?

Have you had a chance to regroup? I’ve had a moment just this weekend, I released, and did some retail therapy with my good friend! After doing so much, and having to be strong daily I NEEDED IT. It was an opportunity that I don’t get too often, and I loved it, it felt GREAT, and I don’t apologize for any of it. We all know this time hasn’t been easy. We all know it’s so much craziness going on everyday, and with a refresher it’s so good to regain. What are some ways you have regrouped? Recharged? Regained?

Is important to make sure you take a moment for yourself, and if possible by yourself! It is totally OK! Regrouping helps you regain focus, regain strength, and regain that push to keep going forward. Momma’s You Are A Boss! You Win! Don’t forget to think about you! Don’t forget to pay attention to your feelings, Don’t forget that it’s ok to walk away and come back because You Matter too.

All that you are doing, every effort you are putting forth they are all worth it! Hold your head up fix your crown, wear it well! You are a Boss, You Win!

Dear God,

I come to you on behalf of all my sisters. I pray that you will touch them, I pray that you will give them courage and strength right where they are. Father you are the meat she needs daily, you are her portion, and Father you are that source and vine for her to prosper daily. You are her strength, director, advocate, and friend. Father I pray that you will help her to be strong, I ask that you continue to grace her with power and might each day. Remind her often that she is a golden vessel, and Lord, I pray that she will never give up. Father I thank you for all of my sisters, and I pray that when they feel weak that you will help them feel ok with regrouping and regaining I say thank you now in Jesus Name Amen!

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