“God will help you”

Hello Lovelies and what a Happy New year it is! I hope that you all are doing well. It’s been awhile but I wanted to come to you this year with new content. New words of wisdom, and new life, because I know that God will help you.

What does it mean to you when you hear the words broken before God?

To me, it means being unease with who and what you are in a current state, being hurt or disappointed, giving everything you have, and all of who you are, being able to be truthful before him, yielding all that you feel that you have, leaning towards the Father, and being vulnerable.

Kjv Bible dictionary defines it as: “A state of being broken; uneven

Do you ever fine yourself in that place especially now in the midst of these uncertain times? What do you do when you feel that way? Do you yield? Do you go before him in his presence broken?

Just the other day while driving around taking my children out for the day I was in a place of unevenness, a moment of feeling unsure and there were several reasons why like parenting, I found myself in this place feeling these ways and not being able to even pray, the only words that came to me in the moment was “God all I can say is thank you”, in the moment I was uneven in my emotions, uneven in my feelings and my thoughts, and uneven with just how life felt to me. As I continued driving I tried to gather myself but couldn’t until at a later moment. We got to the play ground where the children played for a good 20 mins even there I was frustrated because of how things were going. As I gathered the children getting ready to leave I begin to try to figure out how the rest of my day would be, and what we would do once we got back home. So I began to go into even deeper thoughts about life, and what was on my heart, and what I was just feeling in that moment. In all my thinking, feelings, and being frustrated I never canceled out the Father, I included him, I included him by letting him know that I couldn’t without him, that what I was feeling was only feelings that he could regulate to help realign me for my day, and because of it God helped me right where I was. He helped realigned me to who I am in him, and into what I needed to do to find my joy that is unspeakable in him. He began to speak to me and remind me of a conversation that I had one early morning with him. That conversation included me asking God a question about tears during worship, and if they even represent being broken before him? I wanted to know.

I remembered soon after in my prayer time how I spoke to God and confessed to him that I don’t have much to give but me, I remembered that same conversation with God and telling him how I don’t have hurt to give him, how I don’t have much pain to give him, and he begin to reveal to me that my very thoughts and feelings are exactly the thing that I have to give him because it’s one of my biggest challenges that I often time face and feel, one that I feel is more then me, one that I can’t often understand the why to when I never asked for none of it at all. As he revealed himself to me, I begin to regain who I am in him, my joy begin to come back, I begin to feel strengthened, I was able to give him the brokenness that I was feeling that only he can regulate, I begin to give him my whole heart and he was able to cause me to see it clearly, see life for what it is and for who I am in him! God came and helped me.

God will help you too, and sometimes there are moments where you might feel the same, you may feel uneven, unregulated, or unsettled, but when God the Father is with you he’ll help you be all that he has called you to be, when you Yield to who he is, yield to his authority, and you are willing to see Him for who he is he’ll help you. He’ll help you right where you are, he’ll give you answers to questions you have, he’ll reveal himself through dreams, he’ll regulate your mind to where it needs to be, he’ll cause you to regain consciousness of who he is as king, regain superiority, and regain who you are as his son who he’ll never leave. God will help you, and give you proper understanding, and strength when you need it most. God will help you!

Dear Father,

I pray for the one reading this, the one who takes a glance, the one who opens it even just a little. I pray that your stretched out hand will go where they are and touch their very being, I pray that your peace will surpass them, and that your spirit will fill them with all the understanding they need. I pray for every mind, heart, body, and soul to be anchored in the mighty one that you are, and I pray for those who don’t know much about you that there is someone who is willing to be that light, strength and one you can trust to go their way. Father, I just take out the time to thank you for you being king over my life, and for never lettering me or your people down. Lord you are mighty, strong, powerful, and you are Father God. Lord I pray for your perfect will to be done in this world and in this land, when we need you most blow on us, when we feel like we don’t need you at all show us who you are, father I pray that your alignment will continue to adjust us for where we are going, and I pray that you have full and free course over our lives, I tell you Thank you now In Jesus Name Amen!

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