Staying Motivated

I want to first say hello to each and everyone of you ! Next, I want to say “We made it through our first week”! Hooray!

If you asked me the question “How was it?”, my response would be , INTERESTING!

Donnelle enjoyed his first week of school, and he was motivated and excited to go each and everyday! It was a fantastic week actually!. He loves his new teacher, he has a friend he enjoys from last year in his class, and he’s a bit more calm! Those are all pros to me.

Elijah on the other hand started off his Monday very emotional with the changes. He had tantrums, he pouted, he was willing at moments and unwilling the next. We also experienced lots of laughs, hugs, me sleeping (sigh), him watching my phone, and eating snacks because he didn’t want lunch “sigh”. Overall getting through the whole week wasn’t too bad in all reality, the laughter and hugs made it all worth it.

Before the transition of being at home I always hoped for the best, I wondered (ALOT), and at the same time didn’t want to. The first week at home with my boys we went out everyday. One thing I didn’t want to do was be in the house all day focusing on trying to manage cleaning while hearing the play, fuss, and fight and then be yelling from across the room (AHHY) What’s the problem, that’s stressful and unfair especially being that they are children and play is what they do. My job is to make sure they are happy, and to give them the best, and worry about the rest at a better time which calls for time management. Getting through that week was such a breeze, there was no yelling, some redirecting, a few tantrums, and happy faces. We then spent another week at home after that, and then entered into the week of school.

What I want to cover though is the topic of staying motivated as a mother. We have many jobs, and many responsibilities. As I have mentioned time management is one key point we have to use when maintaining and managing our time. It’s so important for us as moms to pay attention to what we are investing our time into, and how we are investing our time. Our children are the ones that are looking at what we are doing, and how we are doing. Since I’ve been home I have had lots of moments of resting, of course with being pregnant I’m suppose to make sure I’m taking care of myself (Right?), but as a mother in my mind I feel that time and attention is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to our children, so to me it’s so disappointing! Though I have come to encounter this particular era in my life I am working on ways to stay motivated and still give them the undivided attention that I believe that they need.

With the many jobs and responsibilities that we juggle as moms I do realize that sometimes we work and do so many things that causes weight on our bodies and we need that much needed rest ! I’ve even expressed my concerns to one of my friends and she’s told me girl ” you must need it” … I know when the baby arrives I’ll need all that I can get. When we enter phases like these we have to find ways to stay motivated. As I am home I have to learn my ways around the hoops and find what works and what doesn’t. I know some moms drink coffee, I’m not one of them, I will drink a latte every now and again but I’ll have to find what works for me. When you have goals, dreams, plans and desires that you are working towards it’s easier to do what feels good rather then what feels hard. I want to encourage moms all over to understand that stages last a moment. Some moments we don’t quite understand, but it’s our jobs to find motivation through talking, praying, networking, and encouraging ourselves that we are strong and we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us! This is my first time being at home for a long period of time, though this was just week one and I understand that it’s going to be an adjustment that takes time, it could be days, months, or even the whole time but it’s important that I stay connected to God in prayer, talk about it if I can, and continue to pray so that this time will be well worth it like it’s suppose to. “Hey” after all I am a mom, and I’m surely not perfect!

Lastly, if you are a mom and you have a struggle or strategy feel free to share your plan or daily routine to help encourage and uplift!

I am looking forward to things as we progress through the days and months. Week number two is HERE, and I’m looking forward to what this week will bring!


Good day all!

I hope everyone is having a great day, it’s Tuesday! I wanted to write a reintroduction because I didn’t mention one of the most important parts to my blogging journey! As, I stated in my very first post I’ll be writing and sharing my post towards moms, I’m a mom right, of course I wouldn’t be blogging my experiences and sharing my adventures if I wasn’t! Well, I want to introduce to you my children. This post will tell you some fun facts about each of them and a little about their personalities. I’ll also introduce our new addition, his name, and a little about our journey with this pregnancy!

Donnelle he’s the oldest:

Donnelle loves sports! His favorite is basketball! He also loves drums, and in his spare time if he can he will take any ball he can get and shot it as if it was a basketball. He’s currently on a football team and games will begin in September, I’m so super excited about that. He just entered into first grade this year and we are hoping for a very wonderful school year. Donnelle is very smart, I believe math is his favorite subject because he focus a little more with numbers, but he has also mastered reading on a good level. Donnelle likes to watch TV (YouTube, PowerRangers, and superheroes), he’s into superheroes like Spider-Man , and Marvel movies. He’s a very loving child and he is also silly and playful ! Donnelle is our first born, the one that gave me the first opportunity to be a mother!

Elijah he’s our second born son:

If I were to describe Elijah I would say Easy going-tough Child. I say that because he keeps a smile on his face, and transitions for him aren’t that hard. He’s independent! Elijah at age two started putting on his own stuff, shoes, socks and everything else you can think of. He isn’t quite in school yet but he has been in daycare, he loves going actually and he wants to go to school with his brother every day. Elijah is unique in his own way, he likes to play with toys but not very much because he likes to do more productive things (I’m serious), (bringing in groceries, cleaning up the floor, helping in any way), he loves to be under his dad and I, and he keeps me laughing with his silliness! Elijah is our second child and he helps bring joy to our family along side Donnelle!

Lastly, our new addition ! With just One week and a few days left til our due date we are patiently waiting. My husband and I have gone through so many names trying to choose the one that fits, “Well” we finally agreed to one .. Emmanuel, the meaning of Emmanuel is (God with us). This pregnancy has been one journey and by far my hardest, I was sick for the first 3 months and lost over 26 pounds, with Gods Grace I’ve come back stronger than ever before. This like all of them wasn’t a pregnancy that we planned but I’ll say is one that was in the plan. Though it has been tough and the testimony is so much greater I’ll just give you a snippet! We don’t know how little Emmanuel will be but we hope and pray for another baby boy that adds joy and happiness to our family.

These are my boys, my three little Kings! My prayers as a mom is that they will grow , be taught and nurtured in the way that God has planned.


The mom of Three Kings!

Train Up A Child

Proverbs 22:6 “Train Up A Child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”

Momma’s do you ever wonder if you are doing a good job ? Or Do you ever hope that you are teaching and showing your children things that they will use when the get older?! … I do very often, I wonder if the things I say and do even mean much at all. This doesn’t mean that my children don’t tell me thank you or show their appreciation because they do. One example is dinner time my little Elijah will say “thank you momma” for cooking! When I speak of this though I’m talking about the moments that they are having a hard time following directions, and or getting very loud and playful. Sometimes I feel that I repeat myself very often which is normal I guess especially for children because they have play on their minds. Not just that, but the times I take moments to show them directly how to do things, I wonder if they will ever use it, or the times that I spend with them giving them my undivided attention if that will grow with them as they get older. I wonder if they will use it if and or when they have their very own families. To be honest “It’s tough thinking” but in reality the thoughts that cross my mind often. When I take a look at this scripture I know it’s talking about biblical principals, and I also believe that it’s talking about non biblical principles because as parents we have to show and teach our children the how to’s and the do nots of life. We have to use biblical principals as well as non biblical principals to help shape and mold them for the world we live in. Of course, most of them want be in our houses forever at least that’s what we hope and dream for right?! Maybe!

As I have stated in my first blog post parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. “Oo No it doesn’t” but we do have a bible that helps direct and teach us as parents what to teach and how to teach our children. There have been times that I’ve gotten upset because I would explain and explain something over again but I’ve grown from that (Thank God), since then I’ve digested and grown in much more grace and compassion when it comes to nurturing and teaching my children, and I often times think about the fact that children aren’t born knowing how to do things, but if we take out time using our patience to show them they will learn many things. A few things I’ve shown my boys so far would be

1. How to rinse dishes and put them in the dish rack.

My reasoning for showing them is because they are interested, they may have families of their own one day, and I don’t want my boys depending upon someone else to do work for them. Your views and thoughts maybe different! To me it’s building their character for being neat and clean. Boys as I know coming up aren’t held responsible for doing many chores, but luckily my boys are interested in helping me at times especially my 3 year old!

2. Prayer

Since my boys were of age I’ve taught them how to pray in the morning, any time they eat, and at night before they go to bed. Prayer is such an important factor or life, and I explain to them that prayer is our way of communicating and showing our appreciation to god for what he does for us. I explain that it’s our way of telling God thank you! This is a biblical principal that they will need when they are older, as the are growing through school, and when they are faced with life and what it brings.

3. Picking up behind themselves (shoes, socks, trash) and any other things that can be thought of.

They are doing pretty good with this routine and I do hope and pray that they will continue this as they get older and of age. To me it’s important because they want be in our home forever , they will have a (college dorm, and or apartment) one day, and even their own families and they will have to be responsible to help with responsibilities.

4. Undivided Attention

This is so important, it’s important for building friendships and relationships, it’s important even for connections. When they see mom or dad giving them their time and attention it also makes them feel very cared for and important! It is also another principal and one we have to use when we are spending intimate time with God!

5. Being respectful, Being Patient, and Caring for others

All three of these are things I talk to my boys about and explain to them how important they are. Being respectful is important not just at home but when they are in school talking to the teacher and listening , and when they are playing with other children. My oldest has a tongue on him he has it honest (lol) not from me, but even with the odds I still want him to learn to speak at the right times and say the right things to others. When it comes to being patient I want them to be able to wait , is waiting something that we all have trouble with sometimes especially when it’s something we truly desire and we have our minds made up .. it’s important that even children understand the importance of patients, that yes sometimes things take awhile to happen but in some cases it’s better to be patient then to rush. Of course, that would be explained differently to them. Lastly, caring for others. I want them to know that it’s right to treat people nice but also have a back bone so others want try to get over on them, I don’t really think I’ll have to worry about that too much. The point is as I raise them to know Christ and to know and understand God’s love for others I want them to be able to understand that Christ cared for us when he died on the Christ , I also want them to know how Christ healed many and during that he had to have had compassion and love ❤️!

These are just a few that came directly to my mind as I write but as I train and teach my children I do hope that these and others are principals and characteristics that they take with them and grow in. By the way the word says they want depart from it when they get old. Yes, through my many thoughts and wonders I hope for the best, but I believe that’s a typical mom right?! At least I hope so. If you have some tips, principals and or characteristics that you would like to share feel free! As I continue on in my journey and many years or motherhood I’ll be praying for you !

Dear Father God,

I come to you as humbly as I know how, heart, mind body and soul to tell you thank you. I come to you now praying for all moms across the world those that have daily thoughts about their parenting, and those that may not have many at all. I pray as you have given us direction and guidance through your word that we will use the words of hope to go on daily. Father we know that you are with us, and we know that when we train our children that requires us to be patient and show them through demonstration. Father, cause us to be courageous, we are not perfect at this job but we know in you all things are possible. I pray for bright futures for sons and daughters all around the world, and I pray that you help us as moms to take it one day at a time. We say thank you in advance In Jesus Name Amen.

Ready, Set, RESTART!!

A older picture, but an example of the joy's of play and being children
Ready, Set, Restart! This picture was captured in April of this year but I use it to express the energy and play of my children.

It’s just one of those days … these kiddos are up, ready and setting their day in action with play and energy “OH MY”! On the other hand I’m up trying to see which way to go … the reality of it is that it gets like that sometimes, they are ready and we are not but we have to grasp the moment and set ourselves in order to do the job that must be done. I entitled this Ready, Set, Restart because of those days and moments when we aren’t as ready for the day as our youngins! When we aren’t feeling ready we have to fix and find ourselves as moms taking a moment to pray and or just resetting in away that will be helpful!

Today has been one of those days that my boys are full of so much life, but I feel quite hopeless, it could be pregnant emotions or just the fact of waking up not ready to conquer the world like the super hero mom that is expected of me!

One thing I love to do is find encouragement through scripture and prayer. That’s my personal way of restarting and resetting. This morning as I began our daily routine of things I took time to read the word, and as always I found some great reading in it. When I read scriptures I love to read through categories, so i’ll type in (scriptures about ____) this morning was (scriptures about starting the day). While reading I read a very familiar scripture which is one that comes up any time I look up specific categories, it is also a scripture that we can relate to in any part of our lives and that scripture is Jeremiah 29:11-12 which states

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. 12 Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.”

God knows our days each and every day. He knows what it will be like when we wake each day not knowing what it will be like. He has an expected end for us, a good end, and by the time we reflect back we can see what he saw before we grasped the moment. As we go on in our everyday daily lives as moms, wives, entrepreneurs, sisters, and friends it’s ok to have a moment, it’s ok to take a moment, and it’s ok to recognize the feeling and fight back with strength that we don’t feel is quite there. Some days are going to be better than others, but everyday is a day for great smiles and abundance of joy. You are Strong, Courageous, Beautiful, and you are made for purpose!

Dear Father,

I come to you as humble as I know how with my heart, mind, body and soul. Father I come to you on behalf of moms today those who are married and those who are single! Father I pray that you will cause each and everyone of them all around the world to find joy in their day, when they wake up each morning help them to feel like they are more than conquerors, father I ask the you will order their steps in and through your word, and if they don’t know your word cause them to meet someone who can share it with them. Father in you there is hope, in you there is fullness or joy, and in you all things are possible. Sometimes we began to feel other ways outside of what you have ordained but I pray that we will lift our voices and open our mouths speaking life immediately that our hearts will be filled with pure gladness. The jobs you have given us are good, and even when we don’t feel super we are extraordinary. Thank you so much now for your love, grace, and mercy and I pray that you will go see about my sister near and far now In Jesus Name Amen!

Courageous and Strong

Hello all ! I want to start off by introducing myself. I am Althea, and I am a first time blogger. As A blogger I hope to encourage, uplift, relate, receive feedback and give feedback all at the same time ! My purpose for blogging is because I am a mother of 2 little guys, soon to be 3 who I love and adore. I am also transitioning into being a stay at home mom whose working on her Masters degree. One thing I truly believe is that being a mother is worth the wild but also challenging and surprising. My goal is to connect with other moms through my writing. I’m looking forward to writing through experience and also sharing stories that incorporate scriptures that will help us all in our journeys as mothers or mothers to be! I look forward to sharing my experience as well as hearing about yours! 

Cheers to my first post:  

Courageous and Strong

Motherhood, what can we say ? Is there one exact word to describe the experience?! To me there isn’t …. but MANY! Every day is different, from the time we conceive to the time we see our sons and daughters graduate and go to college. We each have our own unique experiences and stories, and even our very on struggles and challenges. As, I begin to enter into motherhood a third time I know there will be times I feel I’ve got it and times I feel like “what is this” but most importantly I’ll have to mustard up my strength and be strong for those faces looking to me. As a believer of Jesus Christ I know that children are a gift from God. I know that motherhood is rewarding and not everyone that desires the experience gets it. I know that there are words of wisdom given to us to help us raise, nurture and help us with our children. 

Psalms 127:3 tells us how lovely children are “Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward. 

Being a mother is rewarding , it takes so much courage and so much strength. Some of us go through the pregnancy with many struggles and wonders hoping for the best. We wonder how we will make it, or what he or she will be like, what features they will have. It takes so much courage not knowing but all along just having faith that they will be that beautiful creation that we are promised through the word of God. They are our reward and heritage. Some of us also face the reality of timing, not really being prepared or not getting that change to plan, but one thing for sure is “God’s timing” and that is everything! Even when we truly can’t understanding. Through our tiredness, our adjustments, our moments when we want to explode, our joyous moments, and every other exciting times our job is to be courageous and strong. We have to except and receive what we are given and then take care of them with the best of our abilities. One thing we all know is “Motherhood doesn’t come with a handbook.”Sometimes we don’t even know how we will do it, but we are graced to get through it. When we are brave we can conquer, and when we are strong we can endure. Most importantly with God on our sides and as our anchor we can make it! Be courageous and strong! 

Dear God, 

I pray from every mother around the world. I pray for their womb as they have conceived, and the wombs of those who have delivered. I pray for those who aren’t able to as they desire. I pray you give strength to her right we’re she lays and or stand. Father through you we can do all things. Through you we can conquer parenting and motherhood. Working and or staying at home we can make it. Father I pray for the both single and or married mothers, and I pray that all mothers will receive the help that they need. When they need breaks cause your spirit of peace to fill the room, when they feel overwhelmed cause your spirit of rest to flow through them. Father our children are our heritage and you have allowed us the time with them that you saw fit. Help us to be women that encourage, share, and uplift one another and we say thank you now In Jesus Name we pray Amen!