“Changing Your Perspective”

Hello and Happy Resurrection Sunday, our Father is risen and he has finished the work just for us! We are so loved!

I wanted to take out this time because I have recently been thinking, and I recently realized something so important that I never really did before. What I realized is that it’s important to be willing to see self for who we are but also be willing to change and take on new perspectives as we continuously evolve. I also gained new insight to looking at all that God has given me responsibility over, that would be those things like my job, family, spiritual life, children, husband, self care, school, and all that you can think of that I might be responsible over.

You know we grow up with specifics being instill in us that we should be or how we should operate and in God living in the spiritual and operating in his direction he’ll often times change that to what we never even imagined. Recently, I had the opportunity to read a bible plan about a grumpy mom, and her perspective on motherhood and what it looks like for her and to her, in one of the first few days of reading the plan it started to talk about gratefulness, and how we sometimes overlook those things that we should be grateful for because there’s always someone somewhere who is wishing that they had similar opportunities and they don’t. She was explaining how she came in contact with a mother who didn’t have the ability to use all of her limbs because she was disabled so she often times wish she could interact with her children in a normal way. In another plan I read it talked about how we sometimes feel that we are the only ones pouring out as moms but our children are also the ones pouring into us as well when they share their likes, interest, hobbies, and themselves with us because they are solely relying on us as parents to take responsibility for them, listen, be attentive, and hear what they have to say. After reading both of these I begin to ponder on them and really realize how true they are. Tonight before I begin writing I realized that God really does know all that it takes to take care of all that he gives us opportunity to, and in that he really will fuel us and strengthen us to do what it is that’s needed daily, it’s also called grace.

In our day to day we are given opportunities that are sometimes more challenging then we feel that we can even handle on our own, and in those times of course we don’t always look at them as a opportunity for growth and reflection but they truly are, they are to help change us, show us our true selves and help us change our perspectives. Those challenging times are sometimes challenging us to see how we will react, if we will be those true examples and disciples that we are supposed to be, and to help change those deep rooted perspectives that we may have carried from child hood that God wants us to rid so that we can grow fully in and operate in the full capacity that he created us for. When we change our perspective about things our whole world changes, and the lens that we once saw from are no longer what we operate out of which is in God’s plans. There are times we don’t see clearly because we only see what we feel is right when right is something totally opposite of what we don’t even know at times. As a child of God we are meant to be changed, and when we come to Christ we are made new, we are renewed, and in that what we once knew to be has to be denounced so that the new that Christ has said yes to will become our new operation.

When we grow we are changing. In God we are evolving. What I take away from all that I read in those bible plans is to see parenting differently, instead of being grumpy, being the frustrated parent, and impatient I now see the importance of embracing, being there, hearing, listening, breathing through the not so good moments, and valuing the times that are spent! God wants us to evolve, he wants us to walk in all that he gives us with courage and strength, and he wants us to be willing to change to the necessary because what he has given is good, and it’s all for our good. If I were to leave you with anything else it would be though we experience challenges, embrace your change!

Dear God,

I want to take out the time to thank you for being such a willing father, thank you for your son Jesus because he paid it all for us, thank you for how he sacrificed so much so we could live in the “Now”. Thank you father for Jesus paying it all so we could continuously evolve and operate in the new creation that you have made us out to be. Father, thank you for being so patient and willing to see us evolve and change daily. Lord, there are some perspectives that we have that only you can help us change and correct and we ask you to do so. Father, we want to see how you want us to see, we want to operate in a heart turned towards you completely, we don’t want to walk in anything that is against your will because it may be familiar. Father, I pray that we don’t limit ourselves because you are big, strong, and mighty and you want to continuously show us things and because of that we surrender now. Father we move out our own ways of seeing, our own ways of thinking, ourselves we bring to you with nothing hidden. Father we are trusting you to give us new perspectives and we embrace them with the grace that is within, we say thank you now In Jesus Name Amen!

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