“Keep Trying”

Hello lovelies and gents!

Recently I heard the words “keep trying” while listening to a Live on Facebook. While listening to it I heard several great nuggets and points and even some that I was able to digest into my own life. This particular one was specifically about marriage and relationships but from what I heard those two words stuck with me the most. After hearing those words it seems like they have resinated a little differently with a lot more meaning then ever before. When I think of these two words together I get the umph and unction to really “keep trying”. For me this means in every area of my life, at work, in school, home, with my children, personal relationship, marriage and one of the most important areas my spiritual life!

As I begin to straighten up my kitchen I begin to think on these words again. I begin to just think about when we keep trying how we allow our faith to drive us, and allow God to led. I begin to think about how there is a purpose in some situations for us to keep trying, how there is a reason we have some opportunities come to us though somethings may try to pull us to the left or pull us to the right, and I realize that when you keep trying you do something over and over again in hopes that it will eventually be as it should or as you hope and prayed for. How many of you know when you keep trying God is right there with you. When you have an established relationship with God he see’s your efforts even when those that you hope just don’t as yet. He sees where it will take you, and he knows the outcome of it all. There are some situations that we feel have brought us to our last straw but with God over again is gracefully given. He gives us chances to get things right, he’s gracious and patient with us because by no means are we perfect individuals and we have to be the same way and reciprocate that same grace and that is in relationships, with our friendships, on ourselves, in our marriages and with each process that we transition in. When God is with us there is no giving up, there is victory! There is no situation that God himself can’t restore and heal, there is none God can’t guide you through, there is none that the Father hasn’t graced you to handle so just keep trying.

When you feel like you are at your last straw “keep trying” that next time maybe it, it maybe that breakthrough that you were hoping for. When you keep trying you aren’t given up, but you are allowing your faith to drive you. Keep trying in every area and the one that seems the hardest just know that our Father in Heaven can and will guide you to victory.

Dear Father,

I come to you boldly at your feet to pray for your people those hurting, those who have lost hope, those who are feeling numb and like there is no life left, those all around that world who feel like they are at their last straw. I pray God for your mighty hand to go where they are and to guide them to your grace, touch them where they are, heal them where they are, comfort them where they are, and cause your grace to abound in their lives. Father I pray for your healing to touch their lives, I pray where there needs to be restoration. Father that you do just that, I pray where there needs to be a miracles that you do just that, I pray lord where your mighty hand needs to go to stop separations that you do just that, where you need to go to stop those who are ready to give up, and where you need to go to stop those who have no more feelings left with in them that you will do just that, and I pray for these vessels that they will begin to feel you near and that you will totally have your way. I pray for families, individuals, homes, children and marriages that you will keep, help, guide and lead and I pray that your people will be people who keep trying. God you are mighty and strong and can do anything where you are needed send those who are ready and willing to help change and transform lives I say thank you now In Jesus name I pray Amen!

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