“A Greater plan”

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you” (Our Fathers Word) Jeremiah 29:11

Hello lovelies and Gents! It’s been awhile! HAPPY QuaranTINE!

God is so awesome and amazing, and his plans are just towards us. They fit what we can’t see, and they fit what we can’t even imagine. It’s a time right now in the world. It’s a time where we can see positivity and negativity. A time where encouragement and God’s word is needed. It’s a time when adjustments are being made. This world has been positioned and shifted into what is unfamiliar to many, to what’s uncomfortable to most, and to the uncertain happening everyday, but I’ve heard this saying “It’s about Relationship”.

A relationship with God means intimacy Inside the walls of the church and intimacy outside of the church. It means allowing God access to your heart and mind inside and outside of the church. That intimate relationship then carries and comforts you when you aren’t in your place of comfort (At the church). A relationship in God sets you up for so much greatness, higher heights and deeper depths. We have an opportunity now to be as intimate with God as much as possible because we have time. We have time to get into his presence, we have time to pray with and for our brother and sister, we have time to check up on those people who we haven’t spoken to in weeks or years. God has a greater plan. During this time I’ve had opportunity to reflect upon Gods greatness in my life. I’ve had time to be a bit more grateful, and to also show God who he is in my life.

During this time we don’t know what the end will be because each and everyday the numbers are increasing, deaths are increasing. Just like Gods plan each and everyday his plan is increasing! He’s being glorified like he should be. God is great and greatly to be praised and he’s an amazing father with an amazing plan.

Take some time and reflect. Reflect on what’s happening, reflect on Gods goodness, and Reflect on how far God has brought you, and remember he isn’t through because his word will not return to him void, neither his Greater Plan!

Dear Father God,

Thank you for your Greater plan. Thank you for your purpose. Thank your for the opportunity to reflect upon you, and to say thank you more. Thank you for the opportunity to get into your presence and get closer to you. Father as we take the time to draw nigh we ask that you will draw nigh unto us. In this time we need you to be the vision guider. The sight giver, and the one who is in control. Father you have always been and will forever be. We pray for those who don’t have a clear view of this opportunity because they may not know you, or haven’t decided to build a relationship. Because of that we pray that they will get a chance to be introduce. Father we pray for your plan to manifest in us and in this world. Father we know, trust, and believe your word because it will not return to you void. We say thank you now for performing a Good work until the end in Jesus Name Amen.

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