”Strengths and Weaknesses”

Good early morning lovelies! You are so wonderful and amazing, and I pray that it’s been proven throughout your week!

I was listening to this webinar on last night pertaining to Moms, the main point of the webinar was to talk to moms about how they can juggle being successful while still being a mom and carrying on many other duties… it was a very great webinar and I’m following the Mom on Social Media who actually did the webinar , I would add nothing nor take anything away from it …. the young mom currently has 7 children and she’s still working on succeeding in all different areas of her life (mom, wife, mentor, business) , she gave us pointers and she told us how important it is to Have a calendar but not just a calendar where we jot down everything that we agree YES to doing, she was explaining basically that the calendar is for truly prioritizing and setting goals to follow one day at a time!

For me, it is all about actually creating your schedule. I believe an intentional schedule, with appointments that capture and protect your unique priorities is the way a mom can go from simply surviving, to thriving. – Lisa Canning

What I took away from the webinar is that so much is possible with a great mindset, a great want to, and a “bad enough I want this”, haha .. but truthfully, with busy schedules and being exhausted or tired by the time you get in bed at night it seems as if there isn’t enough time to do anything that you really hope and desire to do, (exercising, date night, working on a book, reading, working on school work)!

What’s important in this case is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. What I have learned to do is self evaluate, I’m always working to improve when things don’t go planned, I always see what didn’t work and think of another way to change it and do it… I’m quick to learn from my mistakes. It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses because they can either help you grow or hinder you from excelling. One strength of mine that I really like to expound upon is “Structure and Discipline” over the course of the years raising a family I have realized I have to have structure and discipline in my life because it helps order and align everything I am doing, even those things that I would put on my calendar… structure and discipline also drives me and motivates me to keep pushing even if I don’t have a side line rooting for me! Structure and discipline to me helps place that authority in my life when setting goals and obtaining them. One weakness for me would be not knowing how to spend time whining down when I do have free time or everything is done earlier on a week night … it’s a juggle between should I do some more hard( as in physical) work like folding clothes, washing dishes, cleaning my room, or do I relax and indulge in some tv episodes…. the mom who did the webinar talked about that moment too. When you know your strengths and weaknesses you can conquer those moments where truths need to be addressed, you can also properly address when to say no and when to say yes, and you will be able to have a set calendar that will be well organized!

When you want time to do those activities that you so desire to do, you have to make time. You have to also know and believe that It is also truly ok for you to have that time because you are well deserving of it! 2019 is quickly ending and 2020 is vastly approaching, you can be that successful women that you desire to be! The next chance you get take time to just breath and reflect on self… reflect on the things that matter most to you, and the things you desire to do… I’ve already told you in previous blog post that You Can Do All things, and YOU CAN BE Successful with self reflection (being aware of strengths and weaknesses), PRAYER, and a well organized calendar! You are MORE THAN A COUNQUER!!

Dear father,

I come to you humbly as I know how with my heart, mind, body, and soul. I come to you praying for everyone who reads this, everyone who has desires to go forth but feel as if they don’t have time. Father moms have many duties and responsibilities, they have to put on strength even when they don’t have much physically, they have to find time for you when they feel as if they don’t have any, they have to be motivated even when they feel they aren’t, but father in you there is help and direction. There is discipline, structure, consistency, and ways can be made beyond our understanding. I pray as the year is ending that she will take time to self reflect realizing all of her strengths and all of her weaknesses, and I pray that she will set some goals, get her a calendar and write down her day to day desires. Father give my sister hope now, cause her to be lifted up knowing she can, because you give every opportunity. There is amazement in what you can do and what we can do through you so I pray now for newness of ideas, and I pray now that goals will be set, and lastly I pray that they will be obtained right now Lord and I say thank you In advance for my sister being successful in Jesus Name Amen!

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