Don’t Give Up Now

Hello lovely momma’s ! You are beautiful and I hope you are having an amazing week!

I just wanted to tell you that ‘You Can Do it’! When I write I like to ask questions sometimes because I believe it challenges and it causes a person to become aware of their true self if they really think about what is being asked. So my question to you is Do you have a desire, goal, dream, plan, business that you have always wanted to pursue after?! If your answer is Yes, I want to tell you it’s not too late. You still have time to start and you still have time to finish while you are here living on this earth.

When our father God made and created us he breathed purpose, talents, abilities, desires and demands. He took his time to make and create us, and he knew exactly who and what we were created to be. Jeremiah 1:5 talks about it as well as Psalms 139:14. He also knew we would some day be women who would have families and give birth to children. He knew we would have husbands, and he knew we would need support and help to do all that we do on a daily basis. Even though he knew what we would experience and what it would take he didn’t want us to live just to live he wanted us to conquer and accomplish what we are meant to in this life we live in.

When I was growing up I remember hearing many women talk about how they had to give up their dreams to raise families. I don’t know exactly how that feels but I do know it takes lots of sacrifices to get to places that are meant for you. What I also believe is that in and through God you don’t have to give up anything unnecessary to live out the purpose and plan that is for you. Do we have to experience things (yes), it helps build us, it teaches us, and it’s also for the enlightenment and encouragement of another. We aren’t here just for us.

What I also understood is that many women just gave up on what they once desired and hoped for because of circumstances and situations and If that’s you I want you to know you don’t have to Give up but Keep Going! You are a conqueror, a victor, you are strong, and no matter how long it takes God gives the wisdom and he will order your steps to get it done, he also sets the appointed time for your arrival!

If you haven’t in a long time take a minute to write down the vision and make it plain!

Here are a few tips I want to leave with you:

1. Pray about your ideas, desires, and goals everyday. 2. Make a list of those things you once desired to do 3. Make a list of things you desire to do now. 4. Get started, Get Started, Get Started !!!!!!! 5. Don’t stop working, even if you feel you have come to a silent road block because of everyday life. 6. Always remind yourself things don’t happen overnight 7. Always remember if you don’t have a team of runners right behind you still run your best race!

Lastly, “You Can Do All Things”

Dear God,

I come to you humbly right now just to tell you thank you. Thank you for the mother’s, aunts, families and friends reading this post, thank you for it encouraging and uplifting them to higher ground. Father some once had desires, goals, dreams, and ambitions but they never got the opportunity to pursue I pray that you will cause the urge and unction to rekindle deep within, and I pray after you do so that they will take out time to write their visions and make them plain, after they have done that I pray God that they will get started and never stop until it’s complete because we know in you that you said many things may start small but we shouldn’t despise those small beginnings. I pray father that you will give guidance, wisdoms, discrestion, and encouragement on those days when they feel that the work isn’t worth it. I also pray when they look around and see they don’t have many team players that they are reminded it’s all for your glory, and that it will be what you have called it to be, I pray that they will be given great opportunity to be in places where they will have great mentors, motivators and leaders who will help guide them I say thank you now, and father I’m praying for women all over to be all that you have called them to be, I pray that they will walk tall, and be the mighty women you have called them to be In Jesus Name I pray Amen!

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