“Mama Meyah”

She nailed it!

Good afternoon ! She nailed it!

I was reading this blog recently that was so profound and almost like a miracle, it was entitled “The Primary Parent”! Can you imagine what that was about? I’m getting ready to briefly tell you very soon.

Yesterday was a teacher work day for the school district I live in, and “boy” did we have some good moments and some not so good moments. My boys woke up way before me and went downstairs where they were looking at YouTube until about ten when I went down. That wasn’t so bad despite the fact they were down by themselves… I’m not a bad parent I tell you! I was just tired.. Is that ok?! I think so! When I went down I gave them something to eat, feed the baby and ate something myself. I let them watch a few more videos then of course they had to get off. We then transitioned into me looking up some activities on the computer for us to do. I choose some “FALL” coloring pages and mazes. It took me probably 30 minutes because the printer wasn’t hooked up to the computer and I had to search and look to found out how to fix that problem. We went from coloring , to playing , having to run to the bank, to many other encounters in that one day. We attended football practice, more feedings and changing diapers, to the store for dinner, to baths and bed around nine o clock, I did most of this by myself within this one day and you talk about Primary Parent!

Overwhelming and exhausting but lovely!

I truly believe that God is gracing me each and every day to endure the kinks of life, and parenting. This blog post I read explained it in plain of how it is as a primary parent, not meaning that the father is absent but just expressing the role of the one who does , remembers, and who plays the role of making sure everything’s together! That’s just like me. My Husband helps especially when I ask him but me as mom I drop off to school , pick up, cook dinner, do homework, clean the dishes, wash, make sure notes are signed, and make sure everyone has had baths and the right pajamas and underwear on at night, that explained the definition in the story of the primary parent, and it explains my definition as well. When I read this blog it made me soo happy, I felt as if someone else on earth gets it, they get the load , they get the idea, and they know what it feels like. In the article she explained her husbands roles and how he helps but he also leaves earlier and does other things which causes her to be the primary parent. She didn’t bash him at all she understood because she has to do it due to him being unable because of his schedule. That in itself enlightened!

As the primary parent it takes so much courage, consistency, and determination to do what it takes for everything to be in place and in order. Of course no one wants to tackle everything by themselves but in the case that it’s necessary, it’s truly necessary. To me it’s great because it keeps me busy, keeps me living, and I feel great that I have the ability to be able to care for my children In ways that another outside individual probably wouldn’t. Being the primary parent is overwhelming for sure but it’s so worth it. It calls for lots of late night moments of playing candy crush to just take a moment to breath but at the end of each day just knowing the things that are necessary are done is what makes it worth it for me. In my household It brings me great delight when my husband joins in, it also lightens the load very much. I also realize the importance of the responsibilities when he’s off to work at 5am and I’m still asleep until 7:30am. Being the primary parent is wonderful, challenging, hard work, consistency and determination but to me it’s well worth it!

Signed A Primary Parent!

Dear Father,

I come to you humbly. I come to you as a primary parent of my household, I come to you not only for myself but for other mothers and or fathers who have to take on primary responsibilities. Father I do know and realize a successful family takes great effort and team work, and I also understand that at times due to work schedules and other things that responsibilities fall on one person. Father because of this cause I pray for that primary parent, I pray you give them grace and peace to take care of what’s necessary when help isn’t there. I pray when help is there that each responsibility will be done equally and together causing great teamwork and effort. I pray when there are times that there is a need to speak up and communicate that it’s done. I also pray for the challenges that come with remembering everything and choosing what to complete and what not to complete each day , I pray that primary parents will have balance in their lives and that you cause them to make time even for you even if it’s just taking a moment to slow down. Father all our gifts are from above, and I pray that you will bless us and grace us to have peace through being the primary parent right now In Jesus Name Amen!

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