The Experience Part Two: Continued

The process wasn’t long with getting into the room, changing into my gown, being hooked up to the monitors, being asked questions, and then being seen by the doctor. When I arrived and got settled onto the bed, the nurse and I began talking about my experience at the doctor, what was done and what was said. I began to explain to her that I was monitored there and then sent over, and I also told her that it was discussed about being induced.

At my doctors visit my midwife and I briefly talked about if I wanted to be induced or just allow the pregnancy to have it’s course. Of course I said induced. With all of my pregnancies I was induced, my first one was because I was a few days over my due date, and my second one was because of hypertension. So I told her that we talked about being induced. She was also telling me that baby looked good on the monitor. She came in and out of the room at various times and then she came with the ultrasound machine. She began to look and she started to measure the water around the baby. The doctor came in and we started to discuss the appointment, my due date, and induction. During the conversation he started to look and measure baby. I remember him saying there wasn’t a lot of water around him. My blood pressure was starting to get high. A few moments later he asked how many weeks … I told him 39.

My set due date was September 9th that upcoming Monday. I was not expecting to have him that day. I was hoping the 11 pattern would continue, Donnelle and Elijah were both born on the 11th in two different months. He began to say that it would be good to go ahead and have me induced that day because of my blood pressure and the fluid around baby. This all took me by surprise. I was also happy at the same time. I called Dontrelle and told him everything. The nurse said she would see what room they wanted to put me in, that didn’t take too long either. We were Elijah and I escorted to the room and got settled in there, and here is were the real process began.

This process involved patience, being calm, frequent bathroom use, redirecting my child while unable to move because of machines, and watching the nurse try her best to be as patient with my child as she could. It also involved me a waiting two hours or more for my husband to arrive because he had to pick up our oldest and gather things for after delivery. While the induction was being prepared they were still monitoring the baby. They were monitoring his heart rate and movements. They were also monitoring the mild contractions that I was having. I had a really great team of doctors and nurses working with me. They came in and out moved the belly monitor different places and i was even asked to re-position myself. They told me what would take place for the induction to happen and how it would start with a bulb insertion and my water being broken. They were planning to start the process once someone got there to get Elijah. For a little while the doctor was seeing how baby would have a hard time with recovering after each contraction so it turned into a concern and they started to debate if the induction would be the best idea. After awhile they began to see his recovery for oxygen more often so the doctor began to explain if I went through the induction and my contractions got stronger that it could lead to other problems like him not making it (which is what I comprehended as a mom in this state). She explained if we went through with the induction it could lead to an emergency c section with anesthesia. She said it would be better if it was done as an emergency c section with a calm atmosphere and no anesthesia. This was explained several times but the first time was when I was positioned on the bed on my elbows and knees so they could continue to monitor his heart rate. After the process was explained I really didn’t know how to feel, I had never had any type of surgery before, and by this time Dontrelle had arrived and the children were gone. Monitoring continued.

Before making a decision we had at least 30 minutes to one hour. We prayed, and Dontrelle left the decision up to me. After things were explained to him I already knew what I was going to do especially since babies life could’ve been in jeopardy. I went with C-SECTION. Once I told them my decision, they made sure it was the one I was most comfortable with, and then they saw the last leap in his heart rate so they quickly went forth with it. This prepartion and the process took no more then 20-40 minutes. I was cleaned off , we left the room, Dontrelle went into another room where he had to put on different attire, and I went back into the surgery area.

While entering one of the transporters helping push the bed asked if I had ever had a c section I told her no she said it’s fast and it just a lot of pulling and tugging that I would feel. Once we got inside totally, they gave me a hair net , got me onto the operation table, explained what would happen with the needle, and then it all begin. There were a few operators behind me , one on the side, and one women in front of me who held my shoulders down in a slouching position. They gave me a small drink. She told me it would be best that my posture wasn’t good, she also made other conversation with me about life and my other children. As we were talking I felt the doctor touching my back and he touched my middle really hard which made me jump a little, then he rubbed something that felt like a wet wipe , inserted the needle for numbing, I felt this weird feeling on my right side he asked which side I felt it on most I nodded to the right. The numbing kicked in instantly. While all of this was going on my Faith kicked in at its most. I began to think on and speak to God through thoughts , I let me go of me, and allowed my faith to arise in a moment that I was so unfamiliar with, and that could’ve had other precautions. I began to think … and my thoughts were something like this “God I can’t do anything but trust you in this process, I’ve never had surgery but I trust that you will get me through this safely”. After that I laid back with help, they put the cover up , touched to see if I felt the sharpe tool and the surgery began. By the time Dontrelle entered the room our son was entered into the room and now He’s HERE!

He weighed 6lbs 6oz, and he’s such a joy. My journey and experience was one, one I never imagined going through but in and through it all God has and still is keeping me! My incision was done really well from what I’ve been told I have yet to see it, and I still have days when I ache. But, none the less, I’m grateful because I get to share it with you and others, and we have a healthy baby boy who is now 7lbs at just 3 weeks old. When we don’t understand God knows all about it! This is my experience and my testimony of my third birth story.

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